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Action Research

No description

Kelsey Pinney

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Action Research

Conceptual and Theoretical Framework Controversial discussions...
Hinders or improves?
History of extracurricular activities
School / community influence
"What," "where," and "when," factors
Formal versus informal
Athletics, music, television, volunteer work Foreshadowed Problem Do extra-curricular activities that junior high students choose have an effect on their academic performance? PEL6032 - Action Research The Effects of Extracurricular Activities on the Academic
Performance of Junior High Students Literature Review / Appropriateness Benefits in building and strengthening academic achievement.
Higher grades, more positive attitudes toward school, high academic aspirations
Influence on motivation and competence
Structure versus no structure Analysis Location
Sample size
Instrument used
Collection / Timing
Age Results / Conclusion Reference 35% - 6th grade, 35% - 7th grade, 31% - 8th grade
Volunteer work, athletics, and watching TV have a positive effect
Musical performance does not improve academic achievement. The following research questions were selected:
Is the academic performance of junior high school students influenced by their choice of extra curricular activities?
What effects do specific activities have on academic performance? Sample, Method, Instrumentation Of 98 distributed, 52 were returned; 52 were used in this study.
Surveys had 5 introduction questions & 5 questions using the Likert-scale
Walnut Creek Christian Academy, Walnut Creek, CA, in April 2005 Fujita, K. (2006). The effects of extracurricular activities on the academic performance of junior high students. Undergraduate research journal for the human science, 6. Retrieved from http://www.kon.org/urc/urc_research_journal5.htm.
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