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Retro Active Shaming

No description

Violet Clancy

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Retro Active Shaming

Retro Active Shaming
Proposed solution
Our proposed solution to the juvenile problem is retro active Shaming.

This approach will take place after the juvenile has gone through the assessment phase, and has been qualified for the program. Then, the juvenile, Parents and law enforcement will have to come to an agreement, which will be that the Juvenile must participate and complete the program, to have their record completely free of charge.

the juvenile will be speaking to a psychologist about his/her actions. They will have an opportunity to express how they feel, and if they feel like they have done something wrong.

The family will also be involved in some of the meetings to show their support.

The most important part of our program however is the fact that the Juvenile will have to face the victim. This not only helps them understand what they have caused for the victim, but also it makes them feel ashamed of their actions. They will have an opportunity to apologize for their actions, and they can only move forward from that point onward.

Expected Results
The combination of a psychologist, the family, and the victim will assist the juvenile in understanding the issue, and wanting to change it.

When the Juvenile is shamed by having to face the victim and apologize for his/her actions, they will be able to realize the pain they have caused to the victim, but then they will be able to start feeling less ashamed, and more exited about moving forward.

This will give the delinquent a sense of acceptance from the victim, and society as a whole.

This program will have a high success rate, because it is designed specifically to reduce recidivism rates among juveniles, by developing their self worth.

Vehicular Homicide
William Thornton IV
Violent Felonies
Quashawn Monroe
"Bus Tunnel Robbery"

Violent Misdemeanors
Shaquanda Cotton
Juveniles are the future of this country, which is why it is so important to rehabilitate them rather than institutionalize them, while they go through their rebellious phase.

The juvenile justice system is focused on rehabilitating juveniles, but its really hard to create programs that are cost effective in doing so.

Our Program focuses on the rehabilitation of the youth through shaming.
Juvenile delinquency can be prevented!

A limitation is that the victim may or may not want to participate in having to see the juvenile again, and that is the most important factor of the program to assist the Juvenile in understanding the pain they have caused.

A way to work around this issue is to give the victim time before asking if they will participate, as their participation will be mandatory for the juvenile to be able to participate in the program. We will ensure that the juvenile is ready to own up to what they have done, and not cause any more harm physically or emotionally to the victim.
William Thornton IV

"Bus Tunnel Robbery"

Shaquanda Cotton

source for lawyer cost

source for judge cost

source for psychologist cost
The Juvenile Problem
Parents seem to be getting lazier!!!
children are lacking ambition
Too many juvenile Delinquents, not enough money for programs.
BEing forced to incarcerate, rather than rehabilitate

We need to remember that these juveniles are the future of the country, and when we are older we need to feel safe in their hands. This goal will not be achievable if we keep institutionalizing juveniles, instead of helping them set goals and reach them.

Financial Impact
This program will eliminate the need for costly lawyers and judges.
This program will run with the same budget the community was using prior it will simply shift the payment from the judge and lawyers to pay the professional psychologists
This program will use the same rooms the judges would’ve used.
Without the need for additional space we save money by not needing to do any upgrade to the community Juvenile Center
Save money by not having to imprison a juvenile o It cost the states $240.99 per day around $88,000 a year for every month in a juvenile facilityo Our program can cut that cost dramatically
One professional psychologist will cost between $50,000-$80,000 a year o While one judge cost about $130,000 a year and one lawyer cost about $120,000 a year.
Juveniles will have an opportunity to rehabilitate from their mistakes, and gain more self worth.
They will be provided the tools they need to succeed, and dream for something greater.

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