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No description

Sabrina :)

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of ...

Hello, my name is Sabrina. Today
I will be taking about some unique and special things about ME! I hope you enjoy it!
Some hobbies that I enjoy most include: fashion,sports,reading,art,technology and photography. In grade 7 I found one of my greatest hobbies which is fashion. I like anything to do with jewelery, clothes, accessories etc. I also like sports, I like mostly all sports (except baseball) my favorite sports include volleyball,badminton and basketball. MY third hobbie is reading. I loved reading ever since I was in grade 1, we have a lot of variety of books in my house and I always love to read different genre's. My favorite genre would probably be dystopian books. Some of my favorite books include: Hunger games, The fault in our stars, Anna and the french kiss and divergent. I also like art, art is fun way to get out your inner creativity and imagination, even if your not good at art its still fun to try!
Something else I enjoy is animals. I loved animals ever since I was little. I like basically all animals except snakes! I don't have any pets, but when I grow up I want a pet, probably a cat. In grade 5 I remember as a class trip we went to the animal shelter, it was really fun and a great experience, because we got to see different animals and even pet some. Ever since then I thought that I want to do something with animals as a career.
Things I like/Things I don't like
Some things I like are:
* Chocolate- My favorite is Lindor and ferrero rocher
*Apple products
*Hair accessories
Some things I don't like are:
*Thunder storms
Favorite Quote:
Thanks For Watching My Presentation!
People Describe me as:

I hope you learned some new things about me!
Tv shows:
Self-esteem is really important. Self-esteem brings one success and happiness. If you really believe you can do something, don't doubt your self do it! And don't let other people tell you something about you that isn't true, it only matters what you think! :)
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