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polar bears

No description

Madelyn Kauffman

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of polar bears

Polar Bears :) Creators Madelyn
Harper characteristics
polar bears are carnivores
they are endargered
male polar bears are 2-3 times bigger than females
they are warm-blooded. homeostasis
polar bears have thick fur to keep them warm.
hollow guard hairs that stick up and protect the polar bear from getting wet. structural adaptations
feet are large to distribute load when walking on snow.
the pads on the paws provide traction on the ice.
they have 42 teeth and powerful jaws to tear their prey.
claws help dig through ice. behaivoral adaptations
pregnant female polar bears build dens to spend the winter in while males stay out all year round. green plants insects frog krill fish snakes bear seal hawk polar bear consequences of
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