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Jamie Smith

No description

Jamie Smith

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Jamie Smith

Jamie Bittle Smith
EdTe 665

I am an animal lover!!
Teaching History
Bremen Public Schools (Bremen, Indiana): 8 years (1992-2000) Honors English 9, English 9, Newspaper, Yearbook
My Family
This is my family! My one claim to fame. David, my husband is on the far left; Alex, my son is in the middle (tall one); Abigail is obviously the beautiful one; and I (Jamie Smith) am on the far right. The picture is several years old as now Alex is a senior at Homestead High School (going to Ball State for education Fall 2015!!) and Abigail is a sophomore at Homestead.
Quick Personal Bio:
I was born in 1968 at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia. My dad was military and stationed in Vietnam while my mom remained here in the states. FAST-FORWARD....I graduated from Indiana University at South Bend in 1992 with a MS in English Education. It took me a long time (22 years) to decide what I wanted to get my Master's in; I decided on a Master's in Curriculum and Technology from BSU! I actually attended BSU from 1987-1990, but my dad lost his job and I had to continue my degree at IUSB while living at home and working full-time. But it all paid off because now I am back! I am half-way done with this Master's program and looking forward to what I will learn in this course.
I have always been a passionate advocate for literacy and reading. As a high school teacher, this can be extremely difficult since teenagers often lose their stamina and interest in reading. Keeping them focused, motivated, and honest when it comes to reading is a daily challenge, but one I enjoy and find rewarding.
Bellmont High School (2000-2007) Honors English 9, English 10, ISTEP remediation, AP Lit, AP Comp, Regular 9
Homestead High School (Fort Wayne, Indiana): 8 years (2007-2015) Honors English 9, English 9, Etymology, Credit Recovery, Composition, AP Composition
Ace & me
Yard birds
"The magic is inside you. There ain't no crystal ball."
~ Dolly Parton
Favs 2.0
I am a big fan this year of using Google, whether it's Google Forms, Google Docs, or Google Slides. I also like Prezi, CoggleIt, and Kahoot.it.
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