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Emily dickinson

No description

ciare' martin

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Emily dickinson

Emily dickinson personality Biography Emily Dickinson was born on December
10th 1830 in amherst, massachusetts.Her
father name is edward he was a sucessful
lawyer.she had a brother name austin and
a sister name lavinia
their house was known as homested "the
mansion" their home was often used as a
meeting place for visitors including ralph
waldo emerson. As a young lady she went
to school at Amherst Academy then she left
home to study at mount holyoke female
seminary in south hadley. She only spent a
year at mt. holyoke because she suffered from
severe homesickness.she died may 15,1886 from
bright's diease, which is a diease to the kidney.
Emily was quick witted
and intelligent.she had good sense of humor but was often ill at ease in other people company.she gave the impression of being agitated and intense.
facts about Emily
Dickinson poetry she often wrote about death
she wrote 1,924 complete poems
Poems by Emily
Dickinson "As by the dead we love to sit" as by the dead we love to sit,
become so wonderous dear,
as for the lost we grapple,
though all the rest are here,

in broken mathematics
we estimate our prize,
vast, in its fading ratio
to our penurious eyes!

"is heaven a physician" is heaven a physician?
they say that he can heal;
but medicine posthumous
is unavailable.

is heaven an exchequer?
they speak of what we owe
but the negotiation
i'm not a party to.

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