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Hancock and Monomyth


SHIN Jong Hwa

on 16 November 2009

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Transcript of Hancock and Monomyth

Hancock with monomyth
with Jim from yonsei univ The call to adventure Trouble maker hero
-Bad reputation Ray, Public relations expert Offer hand to hancock Ray offers Hancock to improve his image. Refusal of the call <-His all-heart emblem
which couldn't get good reaction
from major company stock-holders He refuses it at the moment Accepting the call He knew he need a change
for himself and his lost memory The road of trials No more alchohol Like super hero in comics Changing himself The road of trials Warrant issued for Hancock's arrest Ray: I say you go- Hancock: huh?? Hancock: I'll accept consequences The road of trials california department of correction Hancock is needed Crime rate
rocketing Hancock is changed released on parole Came for
crime extermination Meeting with goddess and fight each other
because being together would weaken
Hancock's power and hers. worring about it
goddess predend to hate him
and Hancock doesn't know about it The belly of the whale And weakened Hancock The belly of the whale An raid in hospital
weakened Hancock have a hard fight
and got multiple gun shot wounds also goddess got shot The magic flight For both of them-hancock & goddess
He decide to leave her.
and It saved her and himhelf from
gun shot wounds He flies into
night sky Freedom to live The End
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