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CC 302-WB: Introduction to Ancient Rome (Online)

No description

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of CC 302-WB: Introduction to Ancient Rome (Online)

CC 302-WB: Introduction to Ancient Rome (Online)
Self-regulated learning
each student writes 5 module essays per semester
Developing CC 302-WB
development through Spring-Summer 2014
course released in Fall 2014 to ~300 students
second iteration released in Spring 2015 to ~100 students
UEX course available
Fall 2014 iteration retains ~80% of students; Spring 2015, 93% by second midterm
course fulfills VAPA (visual & performing arts) requirement
Social & community presence
Fall 2014 features popular live face-to-face (f2f) midterm reviews
Spring 2015 expansions: f2f, live-streamed & broadcasted weekly reviews
Movie module
Longer reception essay with module quizzes on Kubrick's
worth 10% of final grade
live & live-streamed mid-semester viewing on campus
CC 302-WB Modules
Readings & supplementary materials
Module quizzes
Multiple choice question (auto-graded)
Short answer question (ungraded)
Review and testing
module quizzes = 2 pts (unlimited attempts; completion 90% or higher)
graded quiz = 1 pt (one attempt; 90% or higher)
total module score = 3 pts
modules = 35% of final grade
Essay sections
Echo360-captured lectures
Orientation and student training
self-regulated learning guided by interactive modules
simplified course design
strong emphasis on social & community presence, including f2f events
upfront & continuous online training
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