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No description

julian raney

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Switzerland

Switzerland a prezi done by Julian Raney
geography of Switzerland
its location in the world is 47 degrees north and 48 degrees east. Switzerland hosts 20% of the alps and has a lot of peaks over 4000 meters tall which is way above sea level
Switzerland's culture and religion
this is a special cake served on January 6th epiphanies day
Switzerland education
unlike most schools as we and you know it we are required to go to kindergarten its becoming frequently required in Switzerland and education is becoming a stronghold in all of the continents in not so sure about Africa but we don't want to get into that this is about switzerland! And there are many more but Switzerland is way different in education wise there's elementary, apprentice ship, then secondary school, then theres university and then finally theres technical college
this is a dedication to Arnold Winkelreid he would grasp as many spears as he could
Switzerland history
in 1648 Switzerland has a decleration of independence and makes Switzerland a independent country and in 1850 Switzerland gets to the size it is today
were independent! yay!
Switzerland's economy
there are three sectors of the economy agriculture, industry, and services. agriculture is considered the primary sector. Industry is called the second sector. The tertiary sector is the final one it has the services sector like bakery's and resturants.
the currency in Sweden is fancs
it takes 100 rappen to make one franc
in 2012 there were 8.01 milion people in switzerland.the swiss confederation was founded in 1291 as a defensive aliance.many years ahead localties started to join.in later years switzerland became a real country... YAY!
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