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Vote Melody Redman for #1

Also see my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfo7qMZkdKE Voting papers must be returned by 5pm, 11th April 2014

Melody Redman

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Vote Melody Redman for #1

- Stratified group of approx 34 voting members
- Board of Directors for the UK/whole BMA
- Represent >150,000 Drs & student BMA members.
- Role involves (in line with members' views & BMA policy) :
* 'administer BMA affairs'
* 'formulate and implements policies'
* 'manages the Association and the BMJ Publishing Group'
-See more here: http://bit.ly/Oa6Xwy
What is BMA Council?
Vote Melody Redman for #1
- Ballot papers sent to BMA members 20th March. Must be
by Electoral Reform Services by 5pm 11th April.
- Electing individuals to serve a 4 year term
Election for 2014-18
Why vote for Melody?
- Saw the difference a friend made in affecting national BMA-wide policy - inspired to get involved.
- 2011-12 Medical Students Committee (MSC) rep for HYMS
- 2012-13 Elected as Deputy Chair (Education Lead) of the Medical Students Committee (MSC)
- Now on MSC Executive and represent students to Junior Doctors Committee
Melody, how did you first get involved with the BMA?
The Annual Representative Meeting (ARM) is my favourite -you get to meet all sorts of interesting people, and you have ~4 days of engaging debate on all sorts of issues. You also get to meet even more people over dinner in the evenings!

The results of the debates (and the work done after!) can really make a difference to students, doctors, and patients' lives.

Melody, which BMA conference has been your favourite so far?

- HYMS Student interviewer 2013-14
- Systematic review published (first author) 2014

- HYMS roles 2013-14:
- Phase III Student representative
- Sit on HYMS Board of Studies and HYMS Ethics Committee

- First Class BSc (Hons) Medical Science (& prize) 2013
- Presented poster at European Cancer Congress 2013
- Article published 2011

~6 years involvement in HYMS Widening Participation work

Highlights of non-BMA experiences
- Experience in many different areas within the BMA
- Passionate about representing members
- Engaged with current issues
Conferences are the main route through which policy is debated and decided upon.
All candidates' statements and further info can be found here: http://bit.ly/Oa6Xwy
Vote Melody Redman as #1 on your postal voting slip and
make sure it's received by Electoral Reform Services by 5pm, 11th April.
The End!

Have a question? Email Melody (melody.redman@hyms.ac.uk)
I've been to:
- the Junior Members Forum
- Medical Students Conference x2
- Annual Representative Meeting x2
- Conference of Medical Academic

Email me if you're interested in
getting involved with the ARM;
it's a great experience!

I also love cycling, fundraising
for Candlelighters (children's
cancer charity), and all things
I attended lots of meetings with external stakeholders:
- UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO)
- Medical Schools Council
- and more!
...and input students' views into various key groups such as:
- Prescribing Safety Assessment Stakeholder Group
- UKFPO Recruitment Rules Group (oversees application process for the Foundation Programme).

I worked with other areas within the BMA, including the Forensic Medicine Committee, Medical Academic Staff Committee, Junior Doctors Committee

I provided quotes for the press (BMA and other), spoke on local radio and much more!

As MSC Deputy Chair (Education Lead)...
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