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Victor Hernandez Cruz

No description

Aria Smith

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Victor Hernandez Cruz

Example of Style
Víctor Hernández Cruz
Aria Smith
Español 201-9 A.M.

Víctor Hernández Cruz was born February 6, 1949 in Aquas Buenas, Puerto Rico. In 1954, his family moved to New York City and they lived in Spanish Harlem.
During his high school years, he wrote his first collection of poems titled "Papo Got His First Gun! And Other Poems".
He has written more than a dozen collections of poems since this time, and continues to write today.
He writes from the observation point of a city dweller and a traveler. He is fluent in Spanish and English.
One example of this would be Cruz' poem, "Dolores Street" in which he describes what was going on, on a street as if he were watching from an apartment window. For example, "Through the Victorians, spinning a wool of music, the gang in the breeze, Boys and girls headed toward the park, No longer in my view, Wondering now what they doing," This is very obviously an example of the role of the observer.
Cruz' style has many hints of his Latino background and his living in Spanish Harlem as his inspiration for most of his poems.
Cruz also seems to tell most of his poems from the point of view of an observer. As if a person was sitting in a park or some other place watching the people that walked by and writing about them.
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