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The Penderwicks

No description

Dalena L

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of The Penderwicks

Overall Plot
The 4 Penderwick Sisters, Rosalind, Skye, Jane, and Batty, along with their father, Mr. Penderwicks, go on their summer holiday and find them selves staying at a beautiful cottage near the mansion. Their adventure begins along with the icy-hearted Mrs. Tifton, her son Jeffery, a good friend Cagney, and any other friends that lead to more trouble.
Character Map

Timeline Part 1 (1-6)
The Situation: Skye and Rosalind try to get Jane to properly apologize to Jeffrey without drama
Solution: Make the best out of it and make sure to have plan B.
People tend to find a way to apologize
Apologizing willingly is filled with guilt
People either apologize on their own or ask someone to
Making Peace Offerings is somewhat helpful into apologizing
Overall: At least the story has a somewhat realistic story and not with things like magic. The characters also have common sense and a personality
Compare: Both in Reality and the story includes of how at least you should apologize or ask someone. Peace Offerings are exceptional.
Contrast: In the story, Skye chose to apologize even though half of her didn't want to. In reality, it's apologize willingly, forced to apologize, or don't apologize at all.
Thanks for coming~!
The Penderwicks

Chapter 3
First, Batty finds Hound in her room and Rosalind explains how their father allowed Hound into the house. Next, Rosalind tells a story about their mother and Mr. Penderwick comes in to tuck in Batty and kiss her on the forehead. Once Batty is asleep and Mr. Penderwick is back downstairs in the study, the 3 sisters, Jane, Skye, and Rosalind, formed their meeting of the MOOPS. Skype explains why she called the meeting and they all vow to keep a secret. But, Jane and Rosalind agrees that Jane should go apologize for Skye. Finally, the sisters try to get Jane to apologize properly without the flaws.
Chapter 4
First, Rosalind and Skye began making cookies in the morning while Jane is on her way to Mrs. Tifton's mansion. Next, Cagney comes by to plant the white rose bush to keep it from being destroyed. While Rosalind and Cagney plant the tree and Batty played with Hound, Skype accidentally burns the cookies. Meanwhile, Jane arrives to the mansion and meets Mrs. Church or Churchie at the door. Then, Jane comes in a tells about how Skye apologizes in her own creative way and Jeffery happens to accept the apology. Later, both Jane and Jeffery come to the cottage, and they encounter Skye's stubborn complaint. Finally, Mr. Penderwick arrives and greets Cagney and Jeffery.
Chapter 5
First, Mr. Penderwick sens Jeffery, Jane, Skye, and Batty out on a walk while Mr. Penderwick and Rosalind clean the kitchen. Next, Jeffery tells the 3 sisters about the bull in the field and a old story about a man that was gored by the bull in the field. Meanwhile, Batty hides in a bush because of how shy and scared she is. Later, Batty goes under the gate and into the field where the bull is. After that, Jeffery and the sisters realize she is in the gate and save her. Finally, all of them try to make a lie of how they tore Batty's wing and Batty promises not to tell what happened.

Chapter 6
First, Rosalind and Batty goes over to Cagney's home to see the rabbit. Next, Jane, Jeffrey, and Skye are upset about their punctured ball. So, they all go to the mansion, and into Jeffrey's room to get his ball to practice. Suddenly, Mrs. Tifton returns early, Jane and Skye escape from the window, and encounter Cagney. Instead of getting them into trouble or anything, he helps Jane and Skye out. Finally, the girls escape.
Chapter 1
First, the story begins with the Penderwicks' Vacation Home being sold and they have to rent a cottage by Mrs. Tifton. While the Penderwicks are in the car, their dog, Hound, eats their map. So, they asked a man named Harry that sold tomatoes, where the cottage was. Next, the Penderwicks arrive at the directions, and find themselves at a mansion that the cottage is actually by. After that, the Penderwicks meets a boy, Cagney, and asked directions about the cottage and no the estate. Meanwhile, Hound throws up and the sisters retrieve the map. Finally, Mr. Penderwick drives the sisters to the cottage and Jane notices a boy looking at them. But, no one believes because Jane often imagines and dreams.
Chapter 2
Once, the Penderwicks arrive at the cottage, everyone settles down and decides their room. First, the sisters go with the Hound Draws for Order, and Skye happens to get last. But, she ends up getting a white, neat, room with 2 beds. Next, Skye goes exploring around the house and soon goes out behind the house where the forest lies. Then, Skype finds Cagney and suddenly haves to hide because Mrs. Tifton arrives. After that, Skye bumps into a mysterious boy. Finally, he is somewhat offended and soon leaves when Mrs. Tifton calls, "Jeffery!"
Timeline Part 2 ( 7 -12 )
Chapter 9
First, Jeffrey opens the presents that were given to him. Next, the girls and Jeffrey eavesdrop on Mrs. Tifton and Dextor. Then, the girls depart once the party was over. Later, Jane tries to talk to Skye or Rosalind because she's worried. Finally, Jane doesn't lose hope and returns to bed.
Chapter 10
First, Mrs. Tifton was obsessed with the Garden Club Competition and made everyone's (the girls, Cagney, and Jeffrey) week the worst. Next, Batty tries asking her sisters and Mr. Penderwick to take her to Cagney's rabbits, but they all declined. So, Batty attempts going on her own to see the rabbits. Suddenl, Batty encounters Mrs. Tifton and freezes because Batty fears Mrs. Tifton. Because of Batty's mistake of not locking the cage, Yaz escapes and Batty tries to find Yaz. Meanwhile, Rosalind tries to find Batty. Meanwhile, Skye and Jane and Jeffrey play archery with rubber tipped arrows and bows. Later, Jane notices how Hound acts and the 3 follow Hound. After that, the girls get into trouble because they made a mess in the garden. But, they found Yaz alive. Finally, the 3 along with Rosalind still need to find Batty.
Chapter 11
First, Batty, not knowing Yaz was already found, continued to search for Yaz. Next, Batty came over the low wall of the estate and kept walking, trying to follow the path to her home in Cameron. Meanwhile, Rosalind, Jane, Skye, and Jeffrey looked all over the estate and almost give up hope. Then, Jeffrey gets the idea of Hound tracking down Batty, and their experiment began. Going back to Batty, Batty had walked for 2 hours and realized Cameron was much farther than expected. Suddenly, Hound comes upon Batty, with Jeffrey and Batty's sisters. Once the car far along the road came closer, Jeffrey quickly grabbed Batty and saved her. Finally, the girls tell Mr. Penderwick what happened and the family discusses about Mrs. Tifton and about how Batty owes her soul because of how Jeffrey saved her.
Chapter 12
First, the sisters agreed not to tell Jeffrey about owning Batty's soul. Next, Jeffrey comes late in the morning and talks to the sisters about being shipped to military school. Then, Jane, Skye, and Jeffrey played soccer wildly out of their own anger to Mrs. Tifton and Dexter. Suddenly, Mrs. TIfton and a man named Sir Patterne arrived. Later, Jane and Skye are bored out of their minds because Jeffrey isn't around. After that, Cagney came by and told what happened to Jeffrey. Finally, Jane and Skye sneak into Jeffrey's window to make sure that Jeffrey is okay.
Chapter 7
First, Jane and Skye wait all day for Jeffrey. Next, Jeffrey comes the next day and explains about a boy named Teddy that was really annoying. Then, Jeffrey tells how Churchie invited the girls over to the mansion for gingerbread. While Mrs. Churchie explains about Jeffrey's birthday, Harry comes over with tomatoes and joins the conversation. Finally, Churchie helps the girls into some dresses from the attic for the party, because they didn't pack any.
Chapter 8
First, the week for the Penderwick seemed like a perfect week with their own private joys. On the day of the party, all the Penderwicks prepare themselves for the party. Next, Mr. Penderwick attempts taking a picture and finally gets one right. Later, they all arrive at the estate and Churchie leads them to the party. After that, the Penderwicks are introduced to Mrs. Tifton and Dexter, her boyfriend. Later, the dinner party begins. Finally, the Penderwicks try to make a conversation and Skye almost makes a mistake by telling Jeffrey's dream.
Other Books Related:
-The Penderwicks on Gardam Street
-The Penderwicks at Point Mouette
Timeline Part 3 ( 13 - 18 )
Chapter 15
First, Rosalind wakes up in the cottage and talks to her father. Next, Jane and Skye come inside the living room and they both asked about Rosalind's bruise. Then, Churchie calls and Rosalind picks up. After the call, Rosalind tells her sisters about Jeffrey. Later, Skye goes to the estate, along with her math book, to be alone. Suddenly, Jane pops out and tells Skye to return to eat at the cottage. Next, Mrs. Tifton, Dexter, and Jeffrey return to the mansion and Dexter returns outside to receive the suitcases, and Jane suddenly sneezes, allowing Dexter to spot Jane. So, Jane shows her book to Dexter and Dexter makes Jane really offended. Finally, Jane shreds her book, but Mr. Penderwick comforts her and explains that she is actually a good writer.
Chapter 16
First, Skye listens to the opera that is coming through from Mr. Penderwick's room, right below Skye's bedroom. Next, Jeffrey arrives at the cottage and the girls listened to what Jeffrey had to say, without waking up Mr. Penderwick. Then, the girls secretly allow Jeffrey to stay for the night. Finally, all rest and wait for tomorrow.
Chapter 17
First, Batty wakes up before anyone else and quietly prepares herself. Next, Mrs. Tifton and Dexter comes to the cottage to ask about Jeffrey. Then, Mr. Penderwick asks the girls where Jeffrey was and Jeffrey comes out of Batty's room, and explained to Mrs. Tifton and Dexter what he really wanted. Finally, Jeffrey, Mrs. Tifton, and Dexter take their leave and the girls hope that Jeffrey would say goodbye to them when they leave.
Chapter 18
First, the Penderwicks waits for Jeffrey to come and say goodbye. Next, Harry gives tomatoes to the Penderwicks and began their trip back home. But, their father forgot his glasses in the cottage and returns back to the cottage. Then, Cagney comes to the car and talks to Rosalind. Cagney gives Rosalind a Fimbriata Rose and allowed for Batty to say goodbye to his rabbits. After that, the girls and Mr. Penderwick return to the car and bid their farewell to Cagney. Suddenly, Churchie pops out and arrives at the car to tell how Jeffrey was looking for the girls. Then, Jeffrey arrives to the car and explains his delay, and his good news. Finally, they properly say goodbye to everyone, Batty gave Jeffrey her wings, and the Penderwicks left.
Chapter 13
First, the girls get upset when the morning begins with rain, even though they wanted it to rain yesterday. Next, Jane appears to have a fever and Jeffrey arrives at the cottage. To make use of time, Skye and Batty goes over to Jeffreys home, and Jeffrey tries to teach Skye music, while Batty plays with the brass fire screen. Suddenly, Mrs. Tifton comes and orders Batty and Skye. Skye tries to overhear what Mrs. Tifton says and soon gets really mad because Mrs. Tifton offended her mother. Finally, Skye and Batty leaves the mansion and back home.
Chapter 14
First, Rosalind tells Batty 3 stories of their past and Batty soon sleeps half way on the 4th. Next, Rosalind later checks on the rest of the sisters to make sure everyone was okay. Later, Skye comes in and talks to Rosalind about her situation and Rosalind soon becomes mad, wondering what to do. The next day, Rosalind tries to find Cagney and finds herself looking at Cagney, kissing a girl that happens to be his girlfriend, and falls off the huge rock she was spying on, hurting herself in the process. Finally, Cagney and Kathleen takes Rosalind back to the cottage
(I am unable to renew any animation editor, so it's really horrible by me having to use slides. But, enjoy. Because I most likely won't...)
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