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Alexander The Great

No description

John Authement

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great
What advantages / disadvantages did Alexander the Great have as he began his career of conquests?
Advantages: He was young, strong and brave. He was also son of Phillip of Macedon.
Disadvantages: He had only thirty thousand infantry and five thousand cavalry, with no navy. He also had no money.
Why were his men so loyal to Alexander?
Alexander the Great's men were so loyal because Alexander threw himself into the worst of the battle.
How did Alexander the Great defeat the Persians?
He would focus on the coastal cities so that he could gain control of the ports; in that way, the Persian navy would have no place to make landfall.
Why do you think that Alexander killed Bessus?
Alexander killed Bessus and as many Persian nobles as he could because Bessus and his people killed Darius and left him for Alexander to find.

Why did Alexander’s empire ultimately collapse?
Alexander's death caught up with him and at 33 he fell into a fever and died.
What is meant by the term “Hellenism?” Where was it most influential in the ancient world?
Hellenization- making Greek
It was most influential in the urban centers that the Greeks began to zealously build.

Identify some of the effect that Alexander’s conquests had on the Greek peoples?
Alexander's conquest developed and spread the idea of "Hellenization."
Why can it be said that the Age of Alexander the Great marked the first truly international culture in history?
He marked the first international culture because he conquered more than one continent.

Why did Alexander abandon his eastward expansion in 326 BCE?
Alexander abandoned his expansion because his army grew tired after the gained Pakistan.
What immediately happened to Alexander the Great’s empire?
His Empire immediately began to plan cities and building works, and new conquests.

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