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Vincent Duong

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Intro

Without dreams, life would be a stone standing still because your dreams are your most important goals in life.In both "Dreams" and "harlem" by Langston Hughes, the recurring theme of never leave your dreams behind because they are your most important goal is seen through the use of metaphor and imagery.these poems have a depressed and encouraging tones because they show good and bad by showing negative and positive things in the poems.
Body Paragraph #1
First of all,in "Dreams", the speaker experiences what happens to you when you lose your dreams through the use pf imagery.This can be seen in "Life is a barren field,frozen with snow"(Line #7-8).The example of imagery shows the image of life as a barren field frozen with snow.The tone shows that Langston Hughes conveys is depressed because it talks about depressing thing when you lose your dreams.The speaker realizes that without dreams,life would be a stone standing still because your dreams are your most important goals in life.
Body Paragraph 2
Secondly in the poem,"Harlem", the speaker faces the influence of your life if your dream is delayed through the use of metaphor.This could be seen in " What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry,like a rasin in the sun? ( ll. 1- 3 ). The example of imagery shows why dreams are important and what happens to them when they are delayed. The tone that Langston Hughes conveys is confused because at first it was something positive , then it turned into a horrible situation that afffects most of you life in a negative way.The speaker realizes that when dreams are delayed,your life become difficult and dries up like a rasin in the sun.
Without dreams,life would be a withered rose not knowing what to do because dreams are your goals in life is seen in both "Dreams" and "Harlem" because they both talk about the importance of dreams.As I read these poems,I felt a hopeless and depressed mood.I felt a hopeful mood after reading "Dreams" because the poem teaches me the idea about caring about dreams.While reading "Harlem",I felt a depressing mood because it talks about depressing things when you lose your dreams.To conclude,your dreams are the most important goals in life.
Importance of Dreams
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