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Digestive System.

No description

Tia Holliday

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Digestive System.

the group of organs that break down foods into chemical components that the body can absorb and use for energy, and for building and repairing.

Digestive System! Main Organs Mouth Esophagus Pharynx Large & Small Intestine Diseases. Normal Stomach Peptic ulcers in stomach Current Research/ Technology. CT Scan:
X-rays (multiple) scan the liver, pancreas,and gallbladder.

A thin plastic tube is passed through your nose or mouth into the stomach. And then into the small intestine. large intestine How To Care For The System Well, there are many different organs that make up the digestive system. So, there are always a few helpful tips to make sure everything stays healthy. You should eat foods that have the correct amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. And also make sure to eat everyday. Disorders Gas in The Digestive Tract Gas in the digestive tract is created from:
-swallowing air.
-the breakdown of certain foods by the bacteria that are present in the colon.
Lactose Intolerance This is a condition where your body has a lack of an enzyme called lactase. This makes it hard for your body to digest milk products.
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