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3.01E Table Setting

No description

Jacqueline Brown

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of 3.01E Table Setting

Place the flatware in the order in which it will be used

How to Set the Table
3.01E Table Setting

Classifications of Table Appointments

3.01E Table Setting

Place the serving utensil on the table at the right side of a dish to be passed.
If there are two serving utensils, place the “helper” utensil on the left and the main utensil on the right.

Service Pieces

Place the salad plate to the left of the dinner plate.
Place the bread and butter plate just above the salad plate, between the salad and dinner plates.

At More Formal Meals

3.01E Table Setting

Larger than dinner plate
First courses are placed on the service plate by the service person.
The service plate is removed when the main entrée is served.

Service Plate

3.01E Table Setting


3.01E Table Setting

3.01 E Table Setting

Tables are set for convenience and beauty

3.01E Table Setting

Place the salt to the right of the pepper when placing it on the table.
Place the napkin beside the forks if there is enough space, otherwise put the forks on top of the napkin.
The loose corner of the napkin should be beside the plate.


3.01E Table Setting

Used with permission

3.01E Table Setting

Use ONLY the dinnerware
and flatware that are needed
for the meal.

and one-dish meals

3.01E Table Setting

Plates are placed in the center of each cover
“Thumb length” (1 inch) from the edge of the table
Forks on the left
Knives and spoons on the right
Knife is next to the plate with the blade turned to the plate.


3.01E Table Setting

The cloth should extend evenly on each side of the table.
Placemats flush with the edge of the table
Or 1 to 1 ½ inches from the edge
Runners down the center, or along both sides

Begin with the Linen

The amount of space needed by each person

Cover / table setting

Used with permission

Place the water glass at the tip of the knife.
A cup and saucer are placed beside the knife and spoon.


On what side of the plate should you place the dinner knife?
Which way do the knives point when placed on the table or the bread plate?
Water, wine ("wa" and "wi"). A, I. They go in order alphabetically from left to right. The water is always placed to the left of the wine. What's another good acronym?
Explain what is meant by "You always eat from outside in."
Turn and Talk
The cover includes
Each cover should be at least 24 inches wide.
The guests be able to discern which pieces are theirs by the spacing between covers/table setting.

POP QUIZ: Identify the four on your notes

Identify your pieces and and color.
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