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Harold Holt

No description

aidan pozzuto

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Harold Holt

What can you learn from Harold Holt?
There is only one thing that you can realy learn from Harold Holt; "never swim alone" because in 1967, Harold Holt mysteriously disappeared at Cheviot beach Portsea, Victoria; he was presumed drowned, but investgators never cracked the case.
Why do people respect Harold Holt?
People respected Harold Holt because... he was simply a really great prime minister; and he also did many good things for Australia! But not only for that; Harold Holt was also responsible for the relaxation of the white Australia policy (let more immigrants migrate to Australia).
What leadership qualities did Harold Holt show
Harold Holt was an Australian prime minister who was leading the country for 22 months; his leadership qualities are:

-Reputation with other world leaders
What made Harold Holt successful?
Harold Holt attended Wesley College, and
won a scholarship to University of
Melbourne where he studied law. He also had a great reputation with other world leaders; Harold Holt also had restraint and willingnss to compomise.
What I found interesting about Harold Holt
In 1967, Harold Holt mysteriously dissapeared at Cheviot beech Portsea, Victoria; Harold Holt was swimming at the time, the exect date and time is unknown. Harold Holt's body was never found; the moral of the story is, never swim alone!
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