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Copy of RA 5734 and RA 9292

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Don Don

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of RA 5734 and RA 9292

RA 5734 and RA 9292
Section 3 - Registration
certificate of registration shall be issued to any applicant who passes the board exam after the payment of required fees
must not exceed two year
has a specific records of at least 10 yrs of active practice as an ECE
responsible character
bonafide member of IECEP
every certificate of registration shall have:
* full name with serial number and shall be signed by the members of the board
* attested by the secretary of the board of examiners
* duly authenticated by the official seal of the board
Section 6
Schedule of Examination
candidates are given twice a yr chance by the board
Section 7
Scope of examination
written exam
Section 8
Ratings in the Examination
• must have an average of 70%, with
rating below 50% in any subject
• applicant who fails to obtain the passing average but who obtained atleast 70% in
of at least
of the total subjects
o are permitted to take within 2 yrs from the ate of examination,another examination on the subject below 70%but if the examinee failed, he shall required to take all thesubjects in the next
Prepared by:
Almeda, Zoe Mae
Castillo, Erin Jayson
De Leon, Erick
Deveza, Krizzia Marie
Lorejas, Lloyd
Raca, Jayvee
Ruta, Carl Joseph
RA 5734
Section 1 - Title of act
Electronics and Communications Law of the Philippines
Section 4
Board Examination
All shall undergo required technical examination
Section 5
Pre-qualification Examination
at the time of filing the application:
o at least 21
o Filipino citizen
o good moral character
o degree holder of not less than 4 yrs mentioned below are qualified to take, 3 yrs after the approval of this act:
 holder of certificate of associate in ECE or any allied eng'g
 holder of a valid first class radiotelegraphy/radiotelephony commercialoperator license with at least 5 yrs active practice
Section 2 - Practice of Electronics and Communications Engineering
Not valid to claim as an ECE without holding a valid certificate of registration as an ECE issued by the board
Section 9
Report of Results of Examination
• 90 days
• submitted to Commisioner of civil service, who shall act thereon within 30days from receipt
Section 10
Fees for Examination and

• examination fee: 45 pesos
• registration fee: 10 pesos
Section 11 Roster of Electronics and Communications Engineers
A roster showing the names, the addresses and places of business of all registered electronics and communications engineers
shall be prepared by the Secretary of the Board during the month of July every year, commencing one year after the date the first Board has been constituted

Section 12 Creation and Composition of the Board
All apointed by the Philippine President
With the consent of commission on appointments
Section 13 Powers and Duties of the Board

- Administers the Provision of the Act
- Refusal to Issue a Certificate in Certain Cases
- Revocation and Suspension of Certificates
- Appeal from Judgement
- Reinstatement and Replacement of Certificates
SECTION 14. Qualifications of
Board Members

- netizen of the Philippines
- at least 31 years of age
- registered and active ECE
- not a faculty
- not financially
interested in
any school
SECTION 15. Term of Office

- board shall hold an office for at least 3 years
SECTION 16. The Executive Officer and
Secretary of the Board

- the Commissioner of Civil Service shall be the Executive Officer of the Board
- shall conduct the examination given by
the Board according to the rules and regulations promulgated by him/ her
- the Secretary of the Board of Examiners shall also be the Secretary of the Board
- all records of the Board shall be kept by the Commissioner of Civil Service

SECTION 17. Compensation of the Board
- members of the Board shall each receive a fee of ten pesos for each applicant examined and ten pesos for each certificate
of registration granted without prior examination
SECTION 18. Removal of Board Members

- The President of the Philippines upon
recommendation of the Commissioner of Civil Service may suspend or remove any member of
the Board

SECTION 19. Publication in Official Gazette

- all rules, regulations, and code of ethics shall be published in the Official Gazette, and shall be effective fifteen days after publication

SECTION 20. Annual Report

- the Board shall submit an annual report to the President at the close of each year embodying
such recommendation
SECTION 21. Definitions

(a) Board – The Board of Examiners for ECE
(b) Communications – The process of sending
and/or receiving messages between two or more
(c) Electronics – The science dealing with the development and application of devices and
systems involving the flow of electrons
d) Electronics and Communications Engineer – a person who is qualified to hold himself out
as an electronics and communications engineer under this Act and referred to as ECE

SECTION 22. Enforcement of the Act by Officers of the Law

- shall be the duty of all officers of the law of the National Government
SECTION 23. Foreign Reciprocity

- No foreigner shall be admitted to an examination or registration as electronics and communications engineer under this Act unless he proves in the
manner as provided by the Board
SECTION 24. Penal Provisions

- Any person who give any false statement
- Any person who use his/her own COR/Professional ID and lends it to other person
- Any person who present a invalid/suspended COR/Professional ID
- Any person who practice a Professional service when in fact he/she is NOT duly registered
- Any person who seal any document with his/her seal after he/she has been suspended
- Any person who affix his/her seal or use any other method of signature
- Any person, except the PECE, who signed any electronics engineering work or any function of the former but not actually performed it
- Any person who involved in illegal wiretapping, cloning, hacking and the like
- Any person who violated any provision of this act

SECTION 25. Appropriation of Funds

- a sum of ten thousand pesos is appropriated out of any funds in the National Treasury to be distributed by the Board during the first 12 months

SECTION 26. Repealing Clause

- all laws, executive orders, rules, regulations, or parts in conflict with this shall be repealed
SECTION 27. Separability
of Provisions

- any portion thereof is declared
unconstitutional by any competent

SECTION 28. Effectivity

- this act shall take effect upon its
- June 21. 1969
RA 9292
Section 1. Short Title

- was known as "The Electronics Engineering Law of 2004"
Section 2. Statement of Policy

- the State recognizes the
importance of electronics
engineering in nation-
building and
Section 3. Definition and Interpretation of Terms
(a) Electronics
(b) PECE
(c) Electronics Engineer
(d) ECT
(e) ECE
(f) Computer
(g) ICT
(h) Communications
(i) Telecommunications
(j) Broadcast(ing)
(k) Industrial Plant
(l) Commercial Establishment
(m) Consulting Services
(n) APO
Section 4. Categories of Practice:
(a) PECE
(b) ECE
(c) ECT
Section 5. Nature and Scope of Practice
The scope of practice/s for:

(a) ECE
(b) PECE
(c) ECT

Section 6. Composition of the Board
Section 7. Powers and Functions of the

- there are
Section 8. Qualifications of Board Members
- the chairman and members of the Board must possess the 8 qualifications at the time of their appointment
Section 9. Term of Office
- the members of the Board shall hold office for a term of three (3) years from date of appointment or until their successors shall have been appointed and qualified and may be re-appointed once for another term
Section 10. Compensation and Allowances of the Board.
- the Chairman and members of the Board shall receive compensation and allowances comparable to he Chairman and members of existing regulatory boards under the Commission
Section 11. Removal of Board Members
- the Philippine President, upon recommendation of the Commission, may suspend or remove any member of the Board for neglect of duty
Section 12. Custodian of Board Records, Secretariat and Support Services
- all records of the Board shall be kept by the Commission
Section 13. Licensure Examination
- all applicants seeking to be registered and licensed hall undergo the required examinations to be given by the Board in such places and dates as the Commission may designate
Section 14. Qualifications for Examinations
- an applicant must, at the time of the filing of his/her application, establish to the satisfaction of the Board that he/she has the 4 qualifications
Section 15. Scope of Examination for ECE and ECT
- the examination for ECE shall consists of written level while for ECT shall consists of
and practical
Section 16. Ratings
To pass the licensure examination, a candidate MUST obtain a passing rate of 70% in each subject given during the examination.
Section 17. Release of the Results of Examination
- shall release the results within 15 DAYS AFTER examination
Section 18. Qualifications and Schedule of Registration for PECE
- applicants is required to have the 4 requirements
Section 19. Issuance of the Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card.
- a certificate of registration shall be issued to examinees who pass the Electronics Engineer and Electronics Technician examinations
Section 20. Registration without Examination for Electronics Technicians
- applicants shall present 2 evidences before they can register
Section 21. Non-issuance of a Certificate of Registration and/or Professional Identification Card for Certain Grounds
- any person convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of any crime shall not register and shall not issued COR and Professional ID
Section 22. Professional Oath
- all passers and those who
are qualified for registration
without examination are
required to take the
professional oath
Section 23. Revocation and Suspension of Certificate of Registration, Professional Identification Card and Cancellation of Special Permits
Section 24. Reinstatement, Re-issuance or Replacement of Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card
Section 25. Roster of Professional Electronics Engineers, Electronics Engineers and Electronics Technicians.
Section 26. Exemptions from Examination and Registration
- there are some cases to be considered for exemption
Section 27. Practice of the Profession
- no person shall use the title of Professional Electronics Engineer tending to carry the impression without valid Certificate of
Section 28. Prohibitions and Limitations on the Practice of Electronics Engineering and Electronics Technician Profession
Section 29. Seal of the Professional Electronics Engineers
Section 30. Code of Ethics and Code of Technical Standards of Practice
Section 31. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and/or Development Programs
Section 32. Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization
Section 33. Foreign Reciprocity
Section 34. Positions in Government Requiring the Services of Registered and Licensed Professional Electronics Engineers, Electronics Engineers and Electronics Technicians
Section 35.
Penal Provision
- violation of any of the 9 condition may result to paying a fine of more than P100K but not more than P1M and/or imprisonment of not less than 6 months but not more than 6 years
Section 36. Assistance of Law Enforcement and Other Government Agencies
Section 37. Transitory Provision
Section 38. Vested Rights: Electronics and Communications Engineers when this Law is Passed.
Section 39. Implementing Rules and Regulations
- the board shall adopt and promulgate such rules, regulations, resolutions, the Code of Ethics and the Code of Technical Standards of Practice for PECE, ECE and ECT
Section 40. Appropriations
Section 41. Separability Clause
Section 42. Repealing Clause
Section 43. Effectivity
- shall take effect fifteen (15) days following its full publication
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