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Variations on the Word Love

Poem Presentation

Neha Kumar

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Variations on the Word Love

Theme Meter "Love" is not enough to truly describe everything behind it. You have two choices: Keep love or let it go. 2 stanza free verse Absence of distinct structure Rhetorical Devices Enjambment There are whole
magazines with not much in them
but the word love, you can
rub it all over your body and you
can cook with it too Irony Love! Love! sing the soldiers, raising
their glittering knives in salute SARCASM ...the point of the entire first stanza. Tone/Diction Bitter/Slightly Creepy Diction, Especially For a Love Poem
"Metallic silence"
"Red-heart shaped vacancies"
"Weed seedlings"
"Deep bare vacuums between the stars that press on us with their darkness"
"Debaucheries of slugs under damp pieces of cardboard"
Change in Tone 1st: Seems almost bitter
"a word we use to plug holes with"
2nd: Displays real love, but is despondent
Word is "far too short...too sparse"
"Fear this word is not enough but it will have to do." Ends on a literal cliffhanger
"You can hold on or let go."
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