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Branding: How do you really see yourself?

No description

Lauren Howard

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Branding: How do you really see yourself?

Finally Think about the brand of PB, and what you want to contribute during your term.

Your personal brand, goes beyond your image. Think about how you are perceived on social media.

Fishbowl Life: Tremendous responsibility, but most rewarding experience of college career. What is a Brand? Simply Put... A brand is....
A product of hundreds or millions of experiences an organization creates with customers, students, employees, vendors...etc. AND the emotional feelings these groups develop as a result of their experience.
Organizational Brand vs. Personal Brand

Your life has now changed... Yes, yes it has!


Assertions can quickly turn into false assessments

Personal Reflection PB Leaders... Your brand is the sum of everything your organization is, says, and does... HEADLINES ACTIVITY http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/24/tech/web/sorority-email-rant/index.html?hpt=hp_c4 Not a logo

Not a person

Not a product A Brand is.... Presented By: Lauren Howard
Programming Board Retreat
May 21, 2013 Branding in the Fishbowl Life:
How do you really see yourself? Agenda Icebreaker
What is A Brand?
Fishbowl Life
Lauren Howard's, Top 10
Activity, Headlines
Wrap-Up and Personal Reflection Simply Put... PB Brand Programs/Events Logo Promotional Items Physical Environment PB
Members Not a logo Not a person Not a product a brand is... In dictionary terms... Product Let's think about Apple... Logo Marketing Techniques Design Lauren Howard's To leading an effective Fishbowl/Self Branding Term. 1. Post illegal activities.

2. Display Unprofessional Public Profiles.

3. Rely on the privacy setting 100%? True of False.

4. Post or email emotionally.

5. Friend everyone...?! 6. Ask for advice.

7. Be authentic.

8. Have fun and express yourself while...

9. Thinking about what you're doing.

10. Realize the potential of becoming or being a role model for others. DO NOT... DO... To understand the influence and definition of a brand.

To understand the importance of fishbowl life.

To understand how assertions can turn into false assessments. Purpose/Objectives icebreaker strongly agree. agree. disagree. strongly disagree debrief headlines thoughts and/or reactions? specifically executive leaders... Death to #selfies! DISCLAIMER: editorial comment, by yours truly #testimony Professional vs. Personal think before you act. activity
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