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The Hero and the Minotaur

No description

Sandra Keller

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of The Hero and the Minotaur

The Hero and the Minotaur
never wavering; unchanging
The Greek hero Odysseus
is steadfast. He stays true
to his goal of returning home.
quick and careless;

Icarus acts in a rash, or
foolish, manner when he
chooses to fly close to the
sun and the heat melts his
wings and he falls.
in an angry, resentful

The hero Heracles fights
bitterly, in anger, with a
fierce wild boar.
pulls apart the
components of
a thing, place, or

Each day, Penelope weaves
a cloth while waiting for Odysseus
to return. Each night, she unravels
it again.
a winding arrangement
of passages intended
to confuse

King Minos of Crete had a
twisting labyrinth built. The
maze is home for the Minotaur,
a monster.
a fit of wild anger
or rage
The warrior Achilles fights bravely during the fury,
or violence, of the Trojan War.
to hold in one's arms;
to hug
When Odysseus finally returns home,
he hugs his wife, greeting her with a
warm embrace.
to leave a person or
thing behind
A god in a myth might help a person in need, or might abandon that person to fate.
very large, heavy,
and bulky
During the Trojan War, Greek soldiers
slip into Troy by hiding in a massive
wooden horse.
dark, gloomy, dull,
or serious
In a Greek myth, the somber, or gloomy,
boatman, Charon, takes Psyche to see
the underworld.
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