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The West!!


shadekqua saadqil

on 24 February 2010

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Transcript of The West!!

Double click anywhere & add an idea The West! Many Americans believed in manifest destiny becuase they thought they had a right and duty to rule the North america from Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The white settlers moved to the west during the 19th century, the goverment continued to push the native americans off their lands and took some of their people. Mexico had gained its independence from the spain in 1821, and their territory. The white settlers gotten very The West Essay!!! the troops was telling that the mexican had to leave there terriorty becuase they wanted there land. The mexican hated what they did so they wanted a war with the troops. . Americans presidents offer to buy the mexicans lands of the west and the southwest, but mexico does not want to sell to many, war seems the way to get the land once and for all. Georgia's Cherokee tribe challenged the law before the supreme court. The court, however ruled that the suit was not vaild, the cherokees had to move most of them traveled 800 miles to oklahma, mainly on foot.The journey was called the trail of tears Americans movd into the mexican territory of texas, the americans were unhappy with mexicos rule. The texans revolted against mexicnas rule and won their independence.The united states annexed texas to join thier group. Soures America History book primary www.historyguy.com trailoftears.org Ameicans history www.google.com Theis
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