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It will count as a quarterly grade.

Eloy Zambrano

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Ecuador

Ecuador Ecuador had the incas a the biggest empire Ecuador's capital is Quinto. Quinto has around 13,625,069 avitants Ecuador people are called
Ecuatorians Ecuador's flag description.
- Yellow the gold and sun.

- Blue the sky and oceans of ecuador.

- REd the blood that our ancestors gave for our freedom. Ecuador biggest tribe culture were the Incas

The Incas where:
THe most powerfull tribe in ALmost all Latin America.
THey were thr Tribe with the most resourses.
They had the biggest Empire. Ecuador was conquered by the SPaniards. Ecuador got their Independence on 1822,
unfortanlly they got conquerd again 4 years late. Ecuador Govermet is Republicant. Ecuador's money is dollars, the dollars are on 12.30 pesos.
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