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Literary Analysis of "Woman at Point Zero"

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Caroline Matthews

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Literary Analysis of "Woman at Point Zero"

Literary Analysis Setting Character Actions Style Idea Logan, Tyler, Sutton, Cara, Caroline. Idea Style Action Character Setting Harry Potter Lord of the Flies The Great Gatsby Les Miserables Wizard of Oz -1960's belief of it being a Populist Allegory
-Many characters symbolize political ideals
•No Place Like Home Themes:
-Pursuit of Truth
-Self Empowerment
-Money, Eyes
-Revelation and Rebirth -Time and place written: 1975, Egypt
-Setting (time): 1950's to 1973
-Setting (place): Egypt- Qanatir prison, small peasant village, small town/Uncle's house, secondary school, apartments and streets of Cairo, back to prison.)
-Was written in present times of its publishing, telling the harsh story of women living in Cairo.
-Setting relates to religious oppressions, roles of women, and Firdaus' disillusionment on men and society. Idea: Through the use of symbolism with characters, Les Miserables has the theme of redemption throughout the play. Literary Analysis: Golding develops a theme of good vs. evil by developing characters using symbolism.

Simon is a parallel of Jesus and goodness whereas Jack represents Satan and evil. -Conflicts between Firdaus and society as well as between Firdaus and men.
- The setting effects the actions of the characters in the book because of the lack of education, class systems, and economy.
-The bulk of the story is a flashback and there is a change in point of view. Evaluating and interpreting the devices used in a work of literature that make that piece of literature effective. Symbolism-Characters
Peter Petagrew-Judas
Deathly Hallows- Trinity:Father, Son, Holy Ghost.
Phoenix-Christ's resurrection
Harry Potter-Jesus
Voldemort- Lucifer
Ron Weaselly-John -Helps the reader understand the way a piece is written
-Style is not what is said, style is how it is said.
-Style is displayed when Saadawi describes eyes and her other motifs.
-There is lots of repetition in the novel "Shortly after, I was released from gaol without charges. The court decided I was an honourable woman. Now I had learnt that honour required large sums of money to protect it, but that large sums of money could not be obtained without losing one's honour. An infernal circle whirling round and round, dragging me up and down with it." Pg. 99-100 "All women are victims of deception. Men impose deception on women and punish them for being deceived, force them down to the lowest level and punish them for falling so low, bind them in marriage and then chastise them with menial service for life, or insults, or blows." Pg. 94 "Slowly there appeared two circles of intense black surrounded by two rings of pure white. The more I stared into them the bigger they grew, expanding before my eyes. The black circle kept growing until it reached the size of the earth, and the white circle expanded into a piercingly white mass, large as the sun. My eyes lost themselves in the black and white until, blinded by their intensity, they could no longer perceive either one or the other." Pg. 31 Since I was successful, my make-up was always of the best and most expensive kind, just like the make-up of respectable upper-class women. I always had my hair done by stylists who tendered their services only to upper-class women. The colour I chose for lipstick was always 'natural and serious' so that it neither disguised, nor accentuated the seductiveness of my lips. The skillful lines pencilled around my eyes hinted at just the right combination of attraction and rejection favoured by the wives of men in high positions of authority. Only my make-up, my hair and my expensive shoes were 'upper class'. With my secondary school certificate and suppressed desires I belonged to the 'middle class'. By birth I was lower class." Pg. 10 Symbolism: Gatsby's dream is symbolic of the American Dream. Symbols:
1. Green Light- represents Gatsby's unattainable dream.
2. Eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg- represents God staring down upon and judging society.
3. Valley of Ashes: This setting represents the moral and society decay that results from the uninhabited pursuit of wealth. FF
-Dynamic Character: comes to a major realization that all men are cruel and abuse women.
-Actions of Firdaus:
1. Kills pimp sentenced to death.
2. Protest against society caused her to be considered dangerous and sentenced to death.
3. Years of physical abuse led her to realize that all men are enemys. Contradicts her morals:
-being a prostitute, and not depending on a man to provide for her.
-wants to be respected by society Likeability:
-Consider dangerous, due to how she contradicts society (questions "gender roles"
-Liked by men for physical desires Characters that influence Firdaus:
-Uncle- physical abuse
-Various Pimps and Sharfia FFirdaus symbolizes:
-nonconformity Firdaus: Nawal El Saadawi: - -Dynamic Character: Undergoes a change as she realizes that Firdaus has more courage than she does. Relation to Firdaus:
-insignificant in society
-Rage over women conditions in society Firdaus Uncle: Dynamic Character: At the beginning of novel he acts as a savior to Firdaus, giving her a better lifestyle. As he gets married he undergoes a change and abandons her. Actions:
-Marrying Firdaus off to his wife's old uncle for money shows Firdaus that he does not care about her.
-Sexual assults Firdaus is the start of Firdaus physical abuse and understanding that men are cruel. Connection to Firdaus:
-Firdaus uncle was a schloar, and Firdaus always wanted to take after her uncle.
-Firdaus would not be able to survive without her uncle. Sharfia: Backgroud information: High class prostitute, who takes Firdaus in order to benefit her prostitution business. Static: Does not change; she uses Firdaus's body to gain money. Likeability:
-Liked by most men because she met their physical needs.
-Acted as a mother figure to Firdaus. Connection to Firdaus:
-They both are prostitutes, and then under Sharifa's care that Firdaus finally believes that she can live without the rule of men.
-Both believe in self-determination and not needing to rely on a man. "I did not hear the beat of my heart, nor the key as i turned in the lock, closing the heavy door behind me. It was as though I died the moment her eyes looked into mine. They were eyes that killed, like a knife, probing, cutting deep down inside, their look steady, unwavering. Not the slightest movement of a lid. Not the smallest twitch of a muscle in the face" (pg.7) S.C.A.S.I.
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