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What are Monster Prime Numbers and why are They a Big Deal?

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Elijah R

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of What are Monster Prime Numbers and why are They a Big Deal?

What are Monster Prime Numbers and why are They a Big Deal?
By:The Wumbologists
Monster prime numbers are numbers that aren't divisible by any number other that 1 and it self. the only difference between Regular and monster prime #'s are monster primes are much bigger.
What are Monster Prime #'s?
Facts About Monster Prime #'s
The only even prime number is 2.
No prime number greater than 5 ends in a 5.
Zero and 1 are not considered prime numbers.
Except for 0 and 1, a number is either a prime number or a composite number.
History of Prime #'s
Example's of Prime Numbers
Ancient Egyptians knew some about prime #'s
The earliest surviving records of the study of prime numbers come from the Ancient Greeks.
Euclid's Elements contain important theorems about primes.
After the Greeks, little happened with the study of prime numbers until the 17th century.
Euler's work in number theory included many results about primes. In 1747 he showed that the even perfect numbers are precisely the integers of the form 2p−1(2p − 1), where the second factor is a Mersenne prime.
Since 1951 all the largest known primes have been found by computers.
The largest recorded prime number is now 257,885,161 - 1

There's an infinite amount of prime numbers
Why Are Monster prime #'s important?
primes have very special properties for factorization. One of those properties is that while it is relatively easy to find larger prime numbers, it’s unavoidably hard to factor large numbers back into primes.
Most modern computer cryptography works by using the prime factors of large numbers.
Primes are of the utmost importance to number theorists because they are the building blocks of whole numbers, and important to the world because their odd mathematical properties make them perfect for our current uses.
What are monster prime #'s
for aj
elijah is salty
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