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Copy of Diabetes

No description

Brandee Branche

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Diabetes

How the body works normally...
Table of Contents
Type 2 Diabetes
Interactive Questions
A Brief Introduction to Diabetes (Small clip)
So Exactly What is Type 2Diabetes?
The Risk Factors
Culturally relevant information: Health Disparity
More statistics/culturally relevant information
Brandee Branche
Cairde Intern
Summer 2013

Blood Sugar
The Natural Balance
Produced in the pancreas
After eating, your blood sugar rises which triggers a rise in insulin.
Insulin helps the body absorb glucose where needed.
When you eat, the body breaks down some foods into sugar.
The sugar is converted into glucose, and is carried to areas of the body to be used for energy.
"Blood sugar" or Glucose is the body's main energy source
Insulin level is low
Type 2 Diabetes can be detected by measuring levels of blood glucose.
Insulin is not helping the sugar to become absorbed in the blood.
Blood Sugar Builds up in the Blood
An Inbalance
Little or no insulin is available
Over the age of 40 with hypertension or hyperlipidemia
1st degree relative with diabetes can increase risk by 50%
Gestational diabetes
Ethnic origin: African-American, Native-American, or Asian/Pacific Islander backgrounds
Poor lifestyle
Know the Symptoms
image source: WhoIsDiabetes.Blogspot.com#sthash.aREgyPe6.dpuf
Ireland’s Health Service
Diabetes Federation of Ireland
Diabetes Insight
Article concerning Fasting with Diabetes
Information about Diabetes in Multiple Languages
American Diabetes Association (Risk Tests Included on Website)
References Continued
Article on Prevalence of Diabetes
Comparative Study on Prevalence of Diabetes on Irish and Immigrant Populations
1. Do you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?
2. Rank (in order from most impacting to least impacting) the diseases in terms of death rates: Breast cancer, Diabetes, Aids
3. What's the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
According to Academic Journal Researchers, "...immigrants with T2DM had significantly worse intial and on-going glycemic control and higher microalbumin creatinine ratio compared to Irish patients."
Diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. 2/3 people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke.
Longer Ramadan Season
Pre-diabetical phase
1. Normal Functioning
2. Interactive Questions
3. Small Video Clip
4. Defining Diabetes
5. Risk Factors
6. Symptoms
7. Culturally Relevant Information
8. References
What's Next?
Health information week
Those at risk should regularly meet with their GP
According to Diabetes Insight, "If you are at risk, you may benefit from periodic assessments and eating and exercising as if you already have diabetes in an attempt to forestall development of the disease."
Building Awareness and Advocacy
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