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Music Cultural Diffusion

No description

Stacie Rosario

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Music Cultural Diffusion

Music and Cultural diffusion.
Those of you may be wondering what cultural diffusion is, it's when a culture is able to travel outside of it's native area and mix with another culture. This can be a heavy influence or a subtle influence. Stacie Rosario
per, 2
Africa! First we'll start off with Africa and their music!
- African music has a constant beat
- has a religious or meaningful purpose such as prayer or war.
- uses percussion instruments.
- Is danceable and moveable music
- singing is heard in the music
- dance educed by the music is also gender segregated
- Call and response singing
-Mostly women sing and men pay instruments. Europe! Now to analyze european music! - Unconstant changing beat
-For entertainment purposes
- less menaingful
-less symbolic
- no singing
- Wind and wood instruments
- Not every moveable music
- Variety of instruments
Latin Music!
Latin music was very much influenced by Africa and Europe -varies from constant beats to un-constant beats
-varies in all instruments and has heavy african instrument influence but also with a bit of european influence.
- is a very danceable type of music; also influenced from Africa
- Loses the meaning and purposeful value; more for entertainment like in European music
- The music will usually include singing and dancing such as in African culture.
- Latin music created many genres such as, latin pop and rock, salsa, reggeaton, merengea, and bachata, American Music! American music and it's multiple influences! -At first this music was very european, nor exactly danceable but had a movement to it,
-the instruments used were also very European but used in many ways to mack genres like Classic, rock n' roll, and country.
- Soon Latin influence, along with their preference towards African influence, shot America and got them on their toes
- Music became more danceable and more african instruments were used.
- More genres came out like different rock genres and hip hop and rap.
- Latin people also boomed in America and influenced many songs
-Most people were growing up in hispanic homes and were able to shine in this period and show their musical potential. LATIN AND US MUSIC CONNECTION LATIN AND US MUSIC CONNECTION History and Changes in Latin music in the American market. How Latin Music sounds like Today in Modern Times, Though Latin music because a huge success in America, it didn't get to the type in the way most people would have liked. Much of America was not ready for a whole new language coming into play, or even a whole new sound. The Latin market had to learn how to adapt to American territory and mend with their more European style. American markets would take in coming Latin music and give it the American touch. This turned most Latin music into Latin pop. This Latin pop was also not all in spanish because the American market wouldn't sell into it. Latin music has changed quite a bit in the American market. The music of most peoples native tongue had to be translated or made into English lyrics to appeal to America. Not only thins but genres from Latin origin were altered to appeal to Americans and their musical views.
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