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Venezuelan Independence Timeline

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Julia Gower

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Venezuelan Independence Timeline

Venezuelan Independence Timeline
1812: Simon Bolivar and revolutionary leaders fled
Great earthquake

Ruling Junta voted for complete independence from Spain

Junta= Military group controlling government after revolution seizure of power.
1821: Spain recognized Venezuela's independence
Happened after Bolivar wins major victory against Spanish at Carabobo.

Simon establishes Gran Columbia and becomes its first president

June 15- Liberator republican army divided into 3

There were 6500 total men

Attacked Carabobo, considered the patriot's calvery and main "headquarters"
1811: Venezuela declares independence from spain
Elite of Carcas agreed on provisional independence from Spain

Revolt against Joseph Bonaparte, not ruling of country

Wanted Ferdinad VII back as ruler

Radicals' influence- Outlawed slavery, reduced/removed trade barriers, exempted Indians from tribute, sent envoys to U.S. and Britian.

1810: King of Spain is overthrown by napoleon bonaparte
April 19, 1810- Firma Acta de la Independecia (Signing the act of Independence)

Francisco de Miranda led a failed attempt at a revolution

Simon Bolivar and Jose Felix Ribas=active speakers

Creole patriots confront Vicente Emparan (General) Demanding self-rule
1814: Spain sends troops to south american to quell uprising
Fall of second republic by Boves

Bolivar's first dictator powers

War to the death- killing of all non-patriots

Venezuela's "Terror"
1819: Simon Bolivar defeats forces at Boyaca on August 7th.
Republic of Columbia (Gran Columbia) is proclaimed on December 17th.

Consists of Ecuador, Columbia, and Venezuela.

Bolivar crosses Andes to hit Spanish by surprised. Considered a genius.

Jose Antonio Paez= number one commander, deserted Bolivar.

Battle at Boyaca lasted 2 hours. 200 killed. Simon took control of New Granda.

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