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The National Trust

No description

Sascha Weihs

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The National Trust

Follow this link
The National Trust
What is the National Trust?
Non profit Organisation
save the nature
preserve old monuments and buildings
offers these places for tourism
more welfare for children
Who are they?
Octavia Hill (visionary)
The first were passionate Victorians
Today many thousands of volunteers
Octavia Hill
Born 3 December 1838, died 13 August 1912
English social reformer
Age 14 worked for welfare of working people
How to get involved?
as family
try their receips
offers & competitions
talks and courses
join a group
join on the internet (facebook)
outdoor adventures
Why they need your help?
costs a lot of money
needs many volunteers
Outdoor adventures
At home
How to get a member?
Timeline of The National Trust
1885 The name is selected
1884 The idea of the National Trust is born
1895 The National Trust was founded
1896 First building bought for €10.
1907 Sir Robert Hunter drafts the National Trust Act
1981 The National Trust reached 1 Million members.
2000 The start of something new
2002 Money well spent
2011 4 Million members
Holiday Cottages
Working Holidays
Portland House
12 Sleeps
7 Bedrooms
€ 2,414.00
Rosemary Cottage
7 Sleeps
3 Bedrooms
€ 220.00
Thank you for your Attention!
2005 Central Office in Swindon
Visit the Website an record.
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