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ECDL Marketing Presentation

Michael Tighe - April 2016

Michael Tighe

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of ECDL Marketing Presentation

Content Marketing
Measuring Success
A must have - Best way to Promote you and your products - Easy to Measure

Proven results for us - Our Average Open Rate is 27.2% (industry ave. 14%)

MailChimp - 12,000 free emails per month for 2,000 subscribers

Drop and Drag Layout and Responsive Design

Get someone to check your copy!

Consumer testimonials multiply trust by up to 11 times

So where do I start?
Email Marketing
Marketing without a Budget

Content Marketing generates roughly 3 times as much as traditional marketing and costs 62% less

Not just for the big boys - 72% of website owners can amplify content

Content is King - if your content is poor there's really no point

Top Tip -Need Inspiration - Buzzsumo

How to share - Influencers, Social, Email

I'm not dead yet
Top tips to Improve Engagement and Generate Leads

MailChimp Signup Forms
- Easy to set up - Best way to build lists

- Again very easy to set up - Provides you with Social Sharing Tabs and Heat Maps

Must be
Responsive Design
- by the end of 2016 2/3rds of all searches will be done on Mobile

- Makes it Very Easy to Create, Host and Promote Events and Courses

Google Analytics
- This is where you will find out if it is really working!

Your Website
The Centre of the Universe
Email Marketing -
Lists Size - Open Rate - Click Rate
- MailChimp

Content Marketing -
Shares - Traffic
- Buzzsumo & Google Analytics

Social -
Shares - Likes - Mentions - Retweets -

- Traffic - Channels - Real Time -
Google Analytics

Segment your lists & personalise your message:
Delivered to 1,200 Subscribers
Open Rate – 32.3%
Click Rate - 11%

Michael Tighe - marketing@ics.ie
Next steps:
Like us Facebook ECDL - facebook.com/ECDLIreland

Follow us on Twitter - @ECDLFoundation

Follow us on LinkedIn - linkedin.com/company/ecdl-ireland

Sign up for monthly newsletter @ www.ecdl.ie
What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.
Don't let them leave without performing an action!!!
Forbes asked Marketers to give their views on which digital marketing techniques will matter most to their businesses in 2016.
Focus on Engagement - Don't bother if no one is talking

Build LinkedIn and Facebook Groups - ICS has seen great success from this

Tweet your articles and Social Media group discussions

Influencer Marketing - Key players and employees can have a great influence

Top Tip - Hootsuite or Buffer to make things easy
I know influential people!
Buzzsumo - my favourite tool for reseraching the competitive content landscape
Hootsuite - Manage multiple accounts on one page
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