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The life in London in the late 1500s early 1600s

My english presentation

sydney girard

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of The life in London in the late 1500s early 1600s

Life in london in the late 1500s early 1600s First course: Soused pig; tarts; bread, baked chickens; moor cocks; morocco pie; chicken; rabbits; roast veal; boiled beef; boiled meats;salmon, eel and different shellfish

Second course: Dulcets (sweets), cheese, roast capon; baked calves feet; roast mutton and veal; sliced beef; boiled pigeon and calves feet; stewed rabbits; boiled chickens;and mutton in pottage.

Dessert: pastries, tarts, cakes, and crystallized fruit and syrup.

Drinks: Mad Dog, Angels' Food, Left Leg, and Dragon's Milk (Alcohol) £3,500 a year Breakfast: 1 pint of porridge, bread and butter

Diner: 1/2Ib of bread, 1 pint of beer, cooked veggies, 1/4Ib meat along with any regular dairy products (cheese, milk, butter) a couple bowls of veggie soup

Drink: mead, beer(Alcohol) Rich having diner, Regular every day diner menu for the rich Lower class making diner Regular every day menu for common folk If you were of a higher class you would go on to be educated at university Girls were not allowed to go to university rich or poor Cooked with lots more sugars and spices (to show off there wealth because they were expensive) for added flavor Todays hygiene today is much better and our bath tubs much more luxuriouse Elizabethan styled tub Not even the queen had proper soap elizabethan furniture Modern furniture Today furniture is made to be much more comfy Rich Rich Average Poor Queen Elizabeth's Hospital Doctor Barber Herbes for remedies Mortar and pestle for cruching herbs Jousting Only Royals and the rich could attend or part take Hunting Mostly the rich, the Queen herself would hunt for leisure Entertainment while dining Royal and the rich would have this at diners Festivals The theater Cockfighting Everyone could attend Mostly anyone could attend, it was usually a penny or two to get in but most people enjoyed it Less wealthy would attend
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