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The Road to a Great Argumentative Essay

No description

Katelyn Bever

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of The Road to a Great Argumentative Essay

The Three Parts to a Great Introduction

- Catch the reader's attention by using a question or an interesting fact! Make the reader want to read more! What are some other examples of great hooks?
Summary of Issue/Background Information
- Set the stage for the reader. What do you think would be important to discuss in your argumentative essay?
- A thesis is what your paper is going to be about in one sentence!
The Recipe for the Perfect Thesis!
1 Part Topic
- What are you going to be discussing?
1 Part Claim
- Your attitude, opinion, or point about the topic.
2-3 Parts Specifics
(depending on how strong you'd like you essay!) - What are the main points in the paper?
Introduction Review

If you were writing the perfect introduction (which I know you all did last night!), what would you include? Be specific!

Body Paragraphs 1 and 2
How would you describe a body paragraph? What is the purpose of a body paragraph?
What do you think you should include your body paragraph?
Argumentative Essay Paragraph Checklist!
Claim 1
- Idea, clearly state your position on the topic.
Research 1
- Introduce how the research supports the claim and then use your evidence/quote.
Explanation (2-3 sentences)
- Explain how/why your research/evidence supports your claim.
- Show what the "other side" is thinking or feeling.
What is the purpose of a counterclaim? Why is it essential?
- Refute the counterclaim. Use evidence to show that the counterclaim in incorrect.
Why would you use a quote or evidence in your rebuttal?
- Wrap up your paragraph.
The conclusion is one of the most important parts of your argumentative essay. The conclusion is the last time you can show your reader your side of the argument and leave them thinking. Don't bore your reader. Make them want more! Your goal is to leave them thinking about your topic!
Parts of the Conclusion
There are TWO parts to your conclusion...
Restate your Thesis
When you restate your thesis, you are simply rewording or rewriting your original thesis. Use the SAME format for the thesis that we used in the introduction.
Why do we need to restate the thesis?
Leave your Reader Thinking
The very last thing you want to do in your essay is to leave your reader thinking! Make them want to know more about your topic or take action!

Leave your Reader Thinking
Leave them with a quote that proves your side of the argument
Give them an action they could take to support your cause

Share with a partner TWO other ways you could leave your reader thinking about your topic. WITHOUT simply asking a question!
You Now Have
The Perfect Argumentative Essay!
The Road to a Great
Argumentative Essay!
What did you Learn?
What is a thesis statement?
Why is writing a thesis statement important?
What are the three parts of a thesis statement?
Find the Parts!
- Circle the claim in red.
Research 1
- Underline the research and "set up" in blue.
Explanation 1
- Underline the explanation in yellow.
Research 2
- Underline the research and "set up" in blue.
Explanation 2
- Underline the explanation in yellow.
- Underline the counterclaim in green.
Rebuttal (Yeah but...)
- Underline the rebuttal in orange.
- Underline the conclusion in purple or pink.

How would you write a thesis statement for this paper?

If you finish early, think about this - What do you think the second claim in this essay would be?

Electric Cars Could Reduce Air Pollution
Electric cars can efficiently combat air pollution. Today, many people depend on driving as their main source of transportation. The problem is, many of these cars significantly increase air pollution. According to the Union for Concerned Scientists, “transportation is the largest single source of air pollution in the United States.” Cars are one of the greatest contributors of air pollution due to the massive number of them on the road. The decision to purchase an electric vehicle could substantially decrease air pollution. Many argue that battery limitations make electric cars an unrealistic alternative to gas powered automobiles. However, the average person in the U. S. drives, “33 miles per day and the average electric vehicle has a battery life of 100 miles” according to Nissan Leaf. It is possible for the majority of Americans to drive an electric car on a daily basis to reduce their environmental impact.

Exit Ticket
What are the 6 sections of an argumentative essay body paragraph?
What is the purpose of having research in a body paragraph?
What is the importance of addressing a counterclaim?
What is a rebuttal?
Why would I use research in my rebuttal?
On a half sheet of paper:
What questions do you have about writing a body paragraph?

What is the significance of having a
conclusion paragraph?
Why is it important?
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