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5 themes for geography

katelyn kennedy

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Geography

Overall, Ancaster is an interesting, clean, safe unique, fun, exciting and beautiful place, which everyone has to go and visit to get the real experience of your life time!
Ancaster is a clean and safe place to visit but we do have concerns about the environment. In our region, climate has changed over the last 40 years. Temperatures are on the rise, the weather has been more warm and wet. The changing in our climate has caused erosion, drought, and flooding.
Another issue is that our waters are polluted. This is caused by air pollution from our vehicles, factories such as Dofasco, and litter. Another problem here in Ancaster is a watershed. This is when a land area drains to a common body of water. For example from a river or stream. When people throw garbage into a these bodies of water it all flows down to the bigger lakes. This is also polluiting.
We need to protect our environment and work together. For example the Hamilton Conservation Authority has a plan.
Ancaster offers activities for all ages all year long. Some of these activities include soccer, gymnastics, skating, cycling, hockey dance, golf, Swimming, baseball, volleyball, and basketball, Many take place at Morgan Firestone, Redeemer College, Spring Valley Arena and the Ancaster Business Park.
Ancaster is also very proud of their Ancaster Fair Grounds that provide entertainment such as Fairs, Art shows, Derbys, conerts, the Market and craft shows
You can go swimming at the Aquatic centre when it's cold outside and go swimming at the Lion's Club pool when it is hot in the Summer
Ancaster has been proud to be home of the Minor International Baseball League, Soocer leagues, the Old Mill race and the Heritage Day Parade.
-Ancaster has all four seasons
Summer - warm with average high of 27.3 degrees celcius.
Winter average high - -0.4.
Come visit us real soon!
Our Formal Region is:
In Ancaster our first language is english, that is if they are originally from canada.
Our Functional Region is:
schools like asps, and stores were we get our food.
Our Physical Region is:
The niagra excrement. we live in the green belt
Our Human Region is:
all different. there are so many kinds of people that come from so many different places

One of

the Political Regions of Hamilton is:
The location of Ancaster relative to Toronto is 75km south of Toronto. It's nearest city is Hamilton being north east of Ancaster. It is an hour and a half east of Niagara Falls and the nearest border crossing to the USA.
-The absolute location of Ancaster measured in longitude and latitutde is 43N and 79W. The absolute location in alphanumeric grid is 13N and 59'W.
- Ancaster has the Old Mill which is a very high end restaurant which was built by the Egleston brothers. Some other unique places are the Hermitage, Barracks, Marr House, Old Union Hotel, and the Rousseau House.

Ancaster has many unique characteristics. One of them is called the Griffin house which is an old interesting house that was owned by Enerals Griffin. This was his home in the 19th century.
Ancaster has many great waterfalls. The Sherman falls and the Felker falls which are two of the top 5 waterfalls in Ancaster.
Activities In Ancaster
-The enviroment in Ancaster has changed in the following ways to accomodate more events and meet the needs of people...
-the movement and expansion of the Ancaster Fair Grounds
-the expansion of Morgan Firestone Arena
-Added more roads and housing subdivisions and have cut down several trees to create space
-the building of condos and townhomes for the growing population
-the development and growth of the Ancaster Business Park
-the development of larger shopping districts
-Redesign of Wilson Street to attract major events such as the Canadian Open
Cultural Landscapes Of Ancaster
Old Township Hall
Buit in 1871
The Hammill House
Built in 1830
The Tisdale House
Built in 1806
Ancaster Municipal Building

Constructed in 1965-1966
Gurnett Store
Since 1826
St. John's Anglican Church
Founded in 1816
Carriage Factory
Built in 1868
New Zion Church
Built in 1869
Chep House
Built in 1824
293 Wilson Street Est.
Constructed before World War 1
flow of people:
-Highways-Linc-accessability of Wilson Street-walking/biking trails-public transit -driving
flow of information:
-Mail man- News paper(Hamilton Spectator)- the Internet
flow of product:
Major Traffic Areas
Whats the best way to get around?
-Public transit
What Efficient Ways Are There To Move Freight?
-Ancaster gets lots of traffic on the highways when there are weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow...
-Also on busy, popular streets like Wilson Street due to all the accessability of buisnesses,
houses, highway entrances and exits...
-Ancaster is a very interesting place because it has lots of hiking trails, walking paths, historic places,

events such as fairs, nature, animal life...
This is the route of the Bruce Trail in Ancaster
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