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Political Spectrum - Straight Line Spectrum

An introduction to politics and the straight line political spectrum

Stephanie Cangiano

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Political Spectrum - Straight Line Spectrum

The Political Spectrum
Why is mutual understanding and compromise so difficult in politics?
What is politics?
What is the purpose of this unit?
Where do you stand?
Do you think you fit into any of these ideologies?
An ART! Or... a Science... concerned with...
guiding or influencing government policy
winning and holding control over a government
to introduce various political views
to better understand opposing arguments over political issues
to realize that one's view of people (
human nature
) and life (
) greatly influence one's politics
Essential Questions

Which political viewpoint offers the most effective form of government policy?
Political Labels
are often misunderstood and misused
wants immediate change or revolution to create an altered or entirely different social/economic structure
believes gov must take responsibility to change economic, political, and social policies that are viewed as discriminatory or unequal; not revolutionaries, but reformers.
believes in traditional American values and strong national defense; believes government should provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals.
favors extreme change to retreat into the past and restore the order of things the way they used to be.
personal responsibility
limited government
free markets
individual liberty
civil liberties
human rights
equal opportunity
individual is the agent of change
government is the agent of change
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