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ACT Reading Test Prep

No description

Tonya Young

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of ACT Reading Test Prep

BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE DIRECTIONS BEFORE TAKING THE ACT TEST!! Content of the Reading Test Content of the Reading Test ACT Test Prep Format of the Reading Test There are two main components:
Passages - Each of the four passages is approximately 750 words long and presented in two columns with line numbering.
Questions - Each passage is followed by 10 questions of varying difficulty The Passages: The Questions: The Reading Test Instructions for the Reading Test On this test, you will have 35 minutes to read four passages and answer 40 questions (ten questions on each passage).
Each set of ten questions appear directly after the relevant passage. You should select the answer choice that best answers the question.
There is no time limit for work on the individual passages, so you can move freely between the passages and refer to each as often as you like. Prose Fiction
Social Sciences
Natural Sciences Identify specific details & facts
Determine the meaning of words through context
Draw inferences from given evidence
Understand character & character motivation
Identify the main idea of a section or whole passage
Identify the author's point of view or tone
Identify cause-effect relationships
Make comparisons and analogies Excerpts from novels or short stories Prose Fiction Passage This is the only fiction passage
Pay attention to character development, tone, style and mood
Ask yourself questions such as:
Who is the narrator?
Does the narrator exhibit any sympathies or biases?
What are the relationships between the characters? Social Science Passage Historical Passages emphasize how societies & civilizations work; usually with a political context Pay attention to key names, dates, concepts, cause & effect relationships & chronology of events
Try to decipher the author's standpoint Natural Sciences Passage Scientific topics - arguments, experiments & reasoning Pay attention to cause-effect relationships & comparisons Overview & Tips for Each Passage Humanities Passage Cultural - Art & Literature Humanities passages focus on artistic or literary significance of historical or contemporary figures & events Pay attention to the details
Be aware of the author's slant/bias Strategies for the Reading Test READ!!!! Read the passage first then answer the questions
Only re-read if you lose the flow of the passage
Read with a general awareness of the author's goal
Scribble, Doodle & Underline
Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph or key phrases
Write notes to yourself in the margin about examples, numbers to reflect a list etc... The Prose Fiction Passage Identify specific details and facts
Draw inferences
Understanding character
Point of View
Cause & effect The Three Nonfiction Passages Specific detail
Main idea & argument
Cause & effect
Point of view
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