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Rabbits - By Ambika Singh

No description

thames thames

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Rabbits - By Ambika Singh

So I feel that,
everyone should
have a rabbit as

Who do you think would
make a great pet ?
Rabbit ? Yes Rabbit...
Naturally, you should agree that rabbits are very cute, and playful.
Cute Chipmunk Kisses a Rabbit!
Dogs are so common, everyone has them.

Dogs bark a lot and I am sure someday
they will not let you sleep.

You need to walk the dogs come summer, winter or rain.

They can even bite you, when not in a good
Is it a Dog ??
How about a Deer !
Deer wants grass, grass and more grass. How will you manage to give him...

It runs away at the slightest sound.

Everybody knows that elephant cannot not be kept as a pet because it eats lot's of food.
And Elephant ?
You will have to own a house on Margaret Island near Danube for keeping a pet like him.
Lion ?
Surely you would agree that, a lion is a dangerous carnivorus animal and you have to get lots and lots of meat to feed him.
Who knows someday he might eat you as well.....
I want to tell you about Rabbits...
Red Carrots
Rabbits eats lots of carrots. Easy to find, easy to buy.
How about pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat.
How about playing with Rabbits

Easy to carry and easy to build home.
Thank You
Do you feel dogs make a great pet ?...
Do you feel elephant can be a great pet ?...
Do you feel deer can be a great pet ?...
Do you feel lion can be a great pet ?...
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