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3D printing 2015

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on 15 August 2015

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Transcript of 3D printing 2015

What is 3D Printing?
3D Printing is a process that takes a
digitally created model
and creates a solid, usable
three-dimensional object
through an additive,
layer-by-layer process

Transformation Technology
– creates a new market to support existing ones.

3D Printing History
1986: the birth of 3D printing

Charles Hull invented the first working 3D printer and the .STL format. Inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014.

Stereolithography - printing process that enables a tangible object to be created from digital data.

Originally very expensive.

The "Printing" Process
Additive Manufacturing
Like the replicators in Star Trek or The Jetsons!
The first layer is only .1 mm thick!
What does it take?

3D Modeling

Slicing Software

Computer to Printer Interface

Interpreting Software



Control Board(s)

Electromechanical Hardware

Print Material
ABS Plastic
It’s the plastic we use everyday!
Made of
3D Printed Organs
Approximately 3,000 people on the heart transplant waiting list on any given day, 2,000 heart donors per year

Lays down layer after layer of live cells and human tissue.

Low level of rejection.

Organovo has successfully 3D printed liver tissue!

A 3D replica of Van Gogh's ear was printed using family DNA.
3D Printed Food
3D printing in the medical field
3D Printed Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry
3D Print Your House!
WinSun Decoration Design Engineering in China has printed 10 houses in 24 hours!

Use four giant 3D printers to construct 2,100 square foot buildings, cost less than $5,000 each to construct

www.contourcrafting.org, University of Southern California
3D Printer Prints Itself!
3D Printing in Space
European Space Agency (ESA) proposing to 3D print structures on the moon and Mars.

Addresses biggest challenge of bringing materials to the moon.

Can we use the planet's natural resources?

Currently prototyping with sand and solar power on Earth.

NASA is proposing 3D food printers for astronauts in space.
IT Jobs in 3D Printing
Product Design
3D Modeling or Drafting
Computer Technology
Research and Development
Servicing Technician
Technical Support
Machine Operation
More on the way…
Just how much does a 3D Printed 1inch cube cost?
Lastly, 3D printing has limitations and can be challenging!
Each layer is like a Post-It note!
"3D Printing"
Polylactic Acid (PLA)
smells like waffles!
Create or order customized clothing, jewelry and accessories - and get them delivered to your door!

New Balance and Nike are adopting 3D printing for highly customized shoes for a perfect fit/design.
How do we create
a digital model to 3D print?
3D printers:

3D systems "Cube"Printer: www.cubify.com
Printrbot "Simple" Printer: www.printrbot.com
Makerbot 3D printers: www.makerbot.com
3D modeling info:

Thingiverse 3DM Repository: www.thingiverse.com
TinkerCAD WEB Based Modeling: www.tinkercad.com
AutoCAD 3D Modeling Software: www.autodesk.com

3D printed house: www.contourcrafting.og
3D printed house video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yv-IWdSdns
3D printing prices: www.krafturx.com
3D printed food: www.the-sugar-lab.com
3D printed aircraft components: http://www.businessweek.com/
3D printed show: http://3dpreport.com/nike-just-3d-prints-it/
3D modeling example: http://darianqplatas.blogspot.com
3D printers are similar to inkjet printers.

Instead of ink, 3D printers deposit different types of material in multiple layers.

Over a dozen types of printing processes!
May other practical uses for 3D printing

GE plans to produce 100,000 3D-printed components for the next-generation GE9X turbine engine.

Boeing is already producing 3D-printed components on their aircraft.
Scan an object yourself!
download a file
Create your own 3D model!
So, how is 3D printing used today?
Connect with us!
Not only proto-typing, but actual production parts!
Yes, you can eat it!
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