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NMFN Summer Marketing Plan

My strategies and action plans for my special markets.

Nilofer Barkatullah

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of NMFN Summer Marketing Plan

Market #3 What's the Plan? plan S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ m n o o Presented by Nilofer Barkatullah SBU Market #2: Family & Friends Market #1: Summer Marketing Size of market Stony Brook University Alumni 150,000+ Interests Size Real Estate Agents Size: Approximately 150
Location: NYC Boroughs &
Long Island
Interests: Spending time with
loved ones, education, planning
for the future, having fun
without it affecting their
Why? Easy to connect with
and talk to about personal
matters Location Lunch meetings Why look into our markets? Don't forget to call Mom! Help me! Thank you. Market Description Location Long Island and NYC boroughs Interests This market focuses on individuals who have graduated from Stony Brook University. This includes those who have recently graduated this May as well. Graduate school, paying off student loans, remaining connected with the Stony Brook University community, having access to resources as a alumni Market #4: This market focuses on real estate agents, but primarily on those working in the Bushwick, NY area. These agents are licensed professionals that work to help clients find apartments and houses to rent or buy. Why? Because I am one! Young Professionals Why? 2,000+ Making tons of commission, reaching out and finding clients, posting up listings, finding the best deals for their clients Specifically Bushwick, NY Tons of connections through one person Market Description Market Description This market focuses on my
personal group of friends
and family members. It includes
my immediate and a bit of my
extended family members, as well
as my friends from high school
and college. Market Description This market focuses on those individuals who are employed but are still young in their respective careers. It will look at people between the ages of 21 and 40 with college degrees working in a profession towards a career. size: 20 to 60 people
Location: Stony Brook, NY
Interests: Saving up money,
getting married, having
children, moving up in their
career, discovering their
dream job, going back to
Why? Have worked alongside
many of them, served as
my mentors Action Plan: Joined the SBU Alumni network & provided email Strategy: Stay in touch with the SBU Alumni Association, become a mentor for current students, visit during job fairs, donate? Action Plan: Spoke to many of my close relatives and friends on the internship & what type of work I'll be doing, so many are aware of the upcoming calls they might receive Strategy: I plan to research on the specific needs of the friends and families that are willing to accept my help. I'd like to stay closely connected to them to maintain the relationship we'll be developing. Most importantly, I'd like to treat them as my friends & family first, and not sound like another "telemarketer" Action Plan: Spoke to my connection and have done research on the type of residential properties agents list and what types of clients they're looking for Strategy: Continue to research on the world of real estate, use my connection to meet other real estate agents in the region & learn more about their personal needs Action Plan: Many of the young professionals I've encountered are those I've already had the pleasure of working with. The majority of the young professionals I've worked with know about the internship and what type of work I'll be doing. Creating a professional and personal relationship with them has helped me penetrate this market. Strategy: Staying in touch with the young professionals I've worked alongside with at Stony Brook University & keeping them updated on my progress will help me maintain the relationship I've already built with them. Since many of them have similar interests, approaching this market catering to those interests will help them feel comfortable working with me.
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