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Heifer & Hogget Competition 2013

No description

Amy McLoughlin

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Heifer & Hogget Competition 2013

Amy Mc Loughlin - Age 11
4th of September 2001
10 - 14 years / Beef Heifers
Question 1
Describe your farm in 200 words
Question 2
Describe Breeding on your Farm
Question 3
What would you do if you WON this Prize?
Our Farm is in a lovely part of Mayo, with Beautiful Beltra Lake and Croagh Patrick in the near distance. Our Grandad has had to make a living out of our Farm since he was young and to be honest, I think he's doing a very good job. We deal in both sheep and cattle on our farm. There are several sheds on our Farm including a hay shed, a slatted house, a car shed and a turf shed. There is also a Blue Landini Tractor with a loading shovel that is very useful for stacking bales, and one of our Grandads Best Friends, his Sheepdog Sam. We also save hay and silage in the Summer, for feeding the Animals in the Winter.

Grandad, along with other Farmers, goes to Balla Mart every Saturday. Sometimes he brings me. One day he brought me and let me bid on a heifer. I was over-the-moon when my bid was the highest and all the other farmers clapped for me. That Evening I brought my heifer home and about a year later, I sold her again.
In My Opinion, Our Farm Is The Best Place To Live In The Whole Wide World!
Breeding on our Farm is like any other Farm in Ireland. The Only Exception being that my Father is an A.I. Technician, so any time a cow comes in heat, my father is always on call. My Grandad doesn't always use A.I. though, as he has a herd bull of his own. We also had a fifteen-year-old bull that had to be replaced just last year.

One Day my Grandad was going to a Wedding in Dublin, so he told my brother to keep an eye on a cow that was near calving and he had 'no-time' for the cow. So when my Dad asked my Brother had he checked the cow he said no because Grandad had 'no-time' for her. It took my Dad a few minutes before he realised that My Brother had taken my Grandad up wrong and thought that he didn't like her but what my Grandad really meant was that he didn't know when the cow was going to calf.
My Brother was pretty red-faced for a few weeks after that!
If I Won this Prize it would be a dream come true. First on my list I would pinch myself to make sure it was really true. I would then excitedly inform my Family & Friends of the Great News.Then I would organise a bus to bring my Family and I to the Tullamore Show to collect my prize and have happy memories to remember forever. But the fun would only really start when I would bring my prize-winning heifer home to the Family Farm. I would have to get down to Business then looking after it and hopefully taking it to some shows, so I could show it off.
Even at a young age I was very
interested in Farming!
A Good Summer's Yield.
Loaded to the Rafters, Ready for the Cold Winter!
Hard at it!

My uncle Tom, and
my uncle-in-law Kevin,Shearing the sheep for the Summer!
Some of my Grandads Cattle!
My Grandads Meadow Fields!
Every Farmer Needs a Loyal Companion
Home Sweet Home!
Beltra Lake!
Croagh Patrick
My Grandads Mart-Wagon!
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