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Snapchat and its Privacy Issues

No description

Alycia Arias

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Snapchat and its Privacy Issues


Privacy Issues

What is snapchat?
How Less Privacy Helps
Scandals teach "what not to do" the hard way

Sharing is fast, easy, and fun
Compared to text, facebook & email
Con argument: Why should you be more aware of your self-disclosure?
Sharing personal information involves some risks:
A degree of power is given to recipients
Can have effects on personal and professional life
What's up with snapchat?

Ethics of Snapchat
Targeted to an audience of 13 to 25 year olds

Teens and young adults are using Snapchat because they enjoy being able to share pictures faster

Makes it easy to share pictures with large amounts of contacts
"...confidential or... dangerous information, is it ethical to share it with others...?" (Beebe, 361).

"...articles...online showing people how to save snaps...without the sender knowing"(Gillette).

Saved photos can be shared
e-mail, text, social media
anyone can see them

Seems like your photo is deleted
Snapchat can't control 'screenshotting' or apps that save photos without consent
mORE positive points of snapchat's ReLaxed Privacy
Fun Facts
What people are saying about snapchat
: Snapchat's policy cannot guarantee security of your personal info.

: Apps that save snapchats:
"SnapHack Pro lets you save the pictures and videos... and view them as many times as you want"(Alex).

Friends need to make ethical decisions with your photos.
Joshua Brandwood: "...violating the privacy of the app’s users..."(Valinsky).
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snapchat's responsible approach
to these controversies

Public exposure
Location withheld
Friends only
You control it
No I.D.
"A picture is worth a thousand words"
Received by 1 person vs. a whole community
photos used for other things besides their intention
FBI involvement
Reiterate privacy policy
Encourage parents to educate minor children (13 and younger)
How does Snaphat's privacy limitation effect participants' decisions to share personal information with family and friends?
Research Proposal
( 1 ) Find out how the Snapchat database stores and deletes content

( 2 ) Request added safety measures

( 3 ) Enforce and prevent crimes
Presented by:
Photo/video messaging application
Share with controlled list of contacts
Snaps last 1 to 10 seconds
Developed by Stanford University students
Launched September 2011
Snapchat Stories
"If you wish the photos of you online would just disappear forever, then Snapchat is for you." (Hanlon)

"When Snapchat first hit the iPhone App store, it was ambiguously marketed as a sexting app." (Covert)

"Over 1,000 images are swapped a second." (Knibbs)
Mascot "Ghostface Chillah"

350 million photos per day

Facebook and Google offer

How does Snapchat profit?
Forbes report on Snapchat

Complaint filed by The Electronic Privacy Info Center
Full transcript