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Acrobatic Dance

No description

Sara A.

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Acrobatic Dance

A dance costume is the clothing worn by a dancer when performing before an audience.
Style of dance
blends classical and acrobatic elements
combines acrobatics and dance
exceptional choreography
physically demanding
requires athleticism and years of training
Acrobatic Dance

Dance Costumes
Acrobatics originated back to the time of the ancient Greeks. The word “acrobatics” originates from the two Greek words “akros” and “bat” which mean high walking.
Two vases from 206 B.C.E to 9 C.E. of acrobats displayed in a Paris museum.
Ancient History
What is Acro?
330- 340 B.C.E.
Interesting Facts
Acro can be found in ballet and lyrical dance styles.
Sports that involve acrobatics are gymnastics, ice-skating, and diving.
a.k.a. acrobatic or gymnastic dance
“acro” by dancers and professionals
acrobatic, artistic, and rhythmic skills
entertainment and competitions
professional dance theater
contemporary cirque productions
amateur competitive dance
known worldwide
taught at most dance studios and circuses
not related to a specific country
originally passed on through generations
Spreading Acro
Its popularity has started to develop in the eighteenth century.
Acro expanded throughout the world due to professional dance theater companies and circus productions.
Stretchy and form fitting materials that allow them to bend
Tight costumes don't interfere with their routine
Loose clothing can cause injury and be uncomfortable
Tight costumes show the dancer's body lines
Costumes often have skirts that are required to be short
Acro Costumes
Why I Chose This Dance
Interesting to watch
It has elements of danger and suspense
I wanted to learn about its history
I would want to learn it
challenging and unique
7dancers, a nonprofit professional dance company.
Minoan (Crete), egyptian, and greek culture displayed acrobatics in art.
Female acrobat on an ancient greek vase. 330- 340 B.C.E.
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