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Danielle Buehler

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Fashion

Fashion Terms I'd be a purple Jack Wills sweatshirt because Harry Styles from One Direction wears it! Protection Adornment Modesty Identification Status The designer is Philosophy I liked the fashion show because of the designs of the dresses. I didn't like it because of the dull colors and it seemed to formal I like the sparkles and the color of the dress, but not the coat I like how it's simple but cute I like the colors of the clothing but I don't like how big the coat is. I like how the cream blazer looks with the darker colors. I like the flowy end of the dress. I don't like how the top and bottoms are so baggy Spring Trend: The clothes are made with featherweight, transparent material of all colors Pre Fall Trend Plenty of candy colored coats, menswear inspired clothing, leopard spots, and quilted pieces Fall 2012 Trends Over-sized outerwear, fur clothing, pieces that give curves, leather from head to toe, and gold colored clothes were trendy Guilded Pleasures Rose Byrne
in Valentino, with Van Cleef & Arpels jewels. Nicole Kidman
in Vivienne Westwood Couture, with Fred Leighton jewels. Jessica Paré
in Jason Wu, with Kimberly McDonald jewels. Claire Danes
in custom Givenchy, with Neil Lane jewels. Amanda Seyfried
in Zac Posen, with Lorraine Schwartz jewels. Items of the Week Shirtdress- I thought it was interesting that its a long dress because it's meant to wear in the summer. African Bead Necklace- It's interesting because it looks homemade and colorful Cuffs- I like how Ria and Yiouri Augousti are using earthy colored jems. INTERESTING AND CREATIVE Off the runway clothing made for kids Snake themed belts, shirts, rings, and clutches Taking pictures of women in home settings Interesting Accessories Editors picked these shoes as their favorites Jewelry that isn't connected Bags that looks like perfume Harry Styles- His signature look is wearing a blazer, occasionally adding a bow tie. He's known for his curly hair. Niall Horan- If it's nice out, he'll wear a button up shirt. If it's chilly, he'll wear different colored hoodies. He wears snap backs often. Zayn Malik- He likes to wear varsity jackets and always has his hair sticking up. If I was a piece of clothing, what would I be? Liam Payne- He usually goes with wearing plaid shirts. He mostly wears them in red and blue Louis Tomlinson- He loves to wear striped shirts, suspenders, or both! MY FASHION ICONS They make themselves unique with their style Forever 21 Fact-
The store was opened on April 21, 1984 when Do Wong Chang and his wife moved from Korea to America. It was first named Fashion 21 Studded leopard print shorts for $17.80 Why do I like Forever 21? The style of their clothes makes me feel like I'm in London, or England in general. Since I love the UK, I love this store! Wet Seal Fact-
Wet Seal was founded by Lorne Huycke in 1962. It's orginal name was Lorne's Printed shrug top for $19.50 Why do I like Wet Seal? They have different styles of clothing. I like how they sell dressier and casual clothes. H&M Fact-
There's around 2,800 H&M stores in over 40 countries. Around 104,000 people work there. Sweater for $34.95 Why do I like H&M? Like Forever 21, the style reminds me of the UK. I also like it because Cara Delevingne is model for them. My Favorite Brands Gossip Girl Blair's Mom is a famous fashion designer
The characters wear popular clothing
Characters, like Serena, get to be models in fashion shows
A young character in the show makes her own clothes and hopes to become a fashion designer Clueless Cher always wears the best clothes. Since her dad is a lawyer she gets to go shopping whenever she wants. She even has a program that picks out her outfits for her. When a new girl comes to her school, she uses her fashion sense to make the girl popular. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Four best friends go their separate ways, they choose to share a pair of jeans that fit all of them perfectly to stay connected Fashion Shows and Movies FASHION
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