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Nuclear Warheads

No description

Lois Minvielle

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Nuclear Warheads

Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_states_with_nuclear_weapons

Participation in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as of July 2008
Light Green: Signed and ratified
Dark Green: Acceded or succeeded
Yellow: Abiding by treaty though outside
Orange: Withdrawn
Red: Non-signatory
Waves of a Nuclear blast Second Wave = blast First Wave = Flash
[Instantaneous] Third Wave = Nuclear Fallout Fat Man Hydrogen Bomb Little Boy Atomic Bomb This video probably is the most informative of all that can be found on the internet, because it very simply shows the process of an Atomic bomb and how it is detonated. It also shows exactly the waves that would be created by the bomb An atomic bomb is initiated with a detonator which shoots a Uranium bullet into a big piece of Uranium which then creates exactly the critical mass. This critical mass will force a chain reaction which will create immense amounts of energy A hydrogen bomb is made up of plutonium, polonium and Uranium. Since it is impossible to be able to fire a uranium bullet at high enough speed to fuse with the Plutonium, the only way was to have detonators all around the plutonium and have them detonate at exactly the right time so that the Uranium would be propelled into the Plutonium and generate an even bigger chain reaction once it has reached the critical mass There now are treaties that are signed to make sure that the world does not have too many nuclear weapons and that the wrong countries end up with such strong weapons of mass destruction. Tsar Bomba - Russia's first Hydrogen bomb the tsar bomb was the largest bomb ever to be dropped on earth. As it had the power of 57,000,000 Tonnes of TNT. This was a major step in the history of the earth due to the fact that the Russian's developped this bomb during the main years of the Cold war and they could now tell the United States that they had a weapon just as strong as theirs. INITIATED THE ARMS RACE IN THE 20th Century Preventing nuclear Warfare The tsar Bomb initiated the arms race because the United States now felt an even bigger threat coming from the Russians and they wished to build an even stronger bomb than theirs. This action very quickly being reproduced by the Russians.
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