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Death Benefits by Sarah N. Harvey

Culminative Course Activity

angelina morales

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Death Benefits by Sarah N. Harvey

Culminative Course Activity
angelina morales v.
January 2013 Death Benefits Sarah N. Harvey
She says she wrote "Death Benefits" after his 95 year old father passed away. So this book is, in some ways, inspired by her life and his family. Royce's mother has dragged him away from his life in Nova Scotia in order to be close to her aged father, Arthur, who was once a celebrated cellist. Royce ends up getting mono and founds himself isolated and lonely in BC. He spends half of his summer watching TV and thinking of ways to go back to Nova Scotia to his old life. Unfortunately, his grandfather has a stroke and is no longer able to take care of himself. Royce's mother is to busy with his work and Arthur dislikes all the nurses she hires for him. Frustrated and with no other choice, Royce's mother asks him to take care of him. At first he is not very happy with the fact of having to take care of a man with Alzheimers and that he barely knows. However, he accepts with the condition of getting payed.
After his first visit to Arthur's house, Royce realizes that looking after a ninety-five year-old- especially one as crafty and stubborn as Arthur- is a huge challenge. His Alzheimers is getting worse each time and things get hard. But as Royce gets to really know the old man, he comes to appreciate that his grandfather's life was awesome, and not what he thought. At the end Arthur puts him in the position of having to decide weather to kill him or let him suffer. He realizes that he doesn't want to let him go. So he learned life lessons and at the end he doesn't want to go back to Nova Scotia. He finds out that his home is in BC. man vs. man:
-Royce fighting with her mother because he doesn't want to move out
-Royce struggling with Arthur's bad days.
man vs. society:
- Arthur is prohibited to drive because she puts innocent people on risk.
man vs. himself:
- Arthur dealing with Alzheimers
- Arthur asks Royce to "kill him." Royce doesn't know how to deal with the situation, either "kill him" or let him keep suffering. About the author... Plot Conflict Setting The setting of the story mainly takes place in Victoria, British Columbia. It's summer and it is written in an actual time (there's technologies and things we use in 21st century.)
Parts of the story happen:
-Royce's house
-Arthurs house
- Hospital
-downtown Mood Stressful,

*The story has its sad moments, but it also brings humor and happiness. Theme Be always open and positive to new things and opportunities.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. Point of View The story is written in first person. In this case, the narrator is Royce, the protagonist of the story. Characterization Royce:
Main character in the story; narrator; 16 year old teenager; typical teenager; seems to be a little selfish, but deep inside he is a sweet and caring boy.

95 year old man; he's stubborn and embittered; seems not to show emotions, he keeps them to himself.
He has Alzheimers; was a famous cellist in his times.

Nina (Royce's mother):
She is a sweet woman who cares about her family; she worries too much; lost her husband when Royce was 5; has had a rough life firstly because her father was never there for her or her sister and her mother abandoned her when she was a baby. Genre "Social issues genre"
- Series of challenges affecting the main characters constantly
- Conflict based on a real life situation.
- Characters wish or pursuit of something better in their lives.

*humor/comedy genre (doesn't predominate as much as social issues genre)
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