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Cell phones

No description

maureen amedro

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Cell phones

Should cell phones be banned? cell phones are distracting cell phones can lead to cyber bullying cell phones always cause trouble Parents think they are good to have for safety when cell phones are used during class secretly it distracts the students who notice you. if the teacher sees it will distract them from teaching and keep the kids from learning.
once a teacher see's you it cause a huge amount of problems because the teacher might be teaching an important leason but cant finish the lesson created by: Maureen Amedro kids can use their cell phones to message mean things to other students over the internet.
Kids can take embarrasing photots of other students and put them on the internet. cell phones cause trouble by distractiong teachers and students. it also distracts the kid using the cell phone from being able to learn. Cell phones also cause trouble by not letting the kid have their ful attention toward the teacher. parents think their kid should be able to bring their cell phones everywhere in the school.
they also say they should be able to use them during class in case there is an emergency. cell phones should be banned because they are bad to use during school for many different reasons! MAIN ARGUMENT Refutation People disagree with the counterargument beacuse if there was an emergany the kid could use one of the phones in the classroom. if the parents needed to get a hold of their child they could call the main office and not distract them by making them use there cell phone during class. Call to action So dont use cell phones in school because it can really effect you in school. You are much better off without them in school so you can get a better education.
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