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Texas Symbols

Mrs. Moser's 2nd Grade Class

Whitney Gibbs

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Texas Symbols

A closer look at Texas Symbols A symbol is used to communicate
A symbol is used to represent
something. What is a symbol? Longhorn Trading Cards Pecan Tree State Tree Bluebonnet State Flower Armadillo State Small Mammal State Large Mammal Mockingbird State Bird Texas Symbols We Learned: State Tree

State Flower

State Small Mammal

State Large Mammal

State Bird 1. Everyone participates
2. Stay in your group
3. Stay on task
4. Talk quietly Group Work Expectations Table 1- Armadillo
Table 2- Pecan Tree
Table 3- Mockingbird
Table 4- Bluebonnet Table Groups The pecan tree has been the state tree since 1919.
Pecan trees can grow to be 150 feet tall.
Pecans are used to make candies, pecan pies, and other treats. The bluebonnet was named for its color.
It became the official state flower in 1901.
It blooms in early spring.
We can see them along roadsides.
Ennis, Tx holds a bluebonnet festival every year. The armadillo is the size of a small dog.
They like to dig and hide in the holes.
It is protected by a bony shell and can partly roll up for defense.
Officially became the state small mammal in 1995. The longhorn became the state large mammal in 1995.
Their horns can be 6 feet from tip to tip, which is how they got their name.
They can weigh up to 1,200 lbs.
Millions of wild longhorns used to roam Texas. Officially became the state bird in 1927.
Wingspan ranges from 12 to 14 inches.
They stay in Texas all year long.
The male mockingbirds copy the sounds they hear. On the front, you will draw the symbol.
On the back, you will put the name of the symbol and at least 3 facts. What to include: 1. The Texas state ________
2. Symbol
3. At least 3 true facts Bluebonnet Mockingbird Armadillo Longhorn Pecan Tree
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