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Antigone and Civil Disobedience

No description

Destiny Wheeler

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Antigone and Civil Disobedience

Comparing and Contrasting
Antigone and Thoreau Antigone is a play by Socrates, centering around the children of Oedipus. His daughter, namesake of the play Antigone, has just returned to Thebes along with her sister Ismene. The two are met with the tragic news that their brothers Eteocles and Polynieces have killed one another in battle. Adding insult to injury, their Uncle and King, Creon, declares that Eteocles shall be given a noble burial whereas Polynieces shall be left to rot. In response to this, Antigone decides to honor the will of the Gods and bury her brother, despite Creon's decree. Destiny Wheeler Whooo is
Antigone? Define Civil Disobedience- Civil Disobedience is using nonviolent protest against an unjust law for a good reason. Antigone defied Creon's law without resulting to violence. And when Creon said that she must be put to death as punishment, she did not resist her fate because she knew she had done the right thing. So what does Antigone have to do with this? Whoooo is
Henry David Thoreau? Thoreau was a philosopher, abolitionist, and a leading Transcendentalist. He originally coined the term Civil Disobedience- but how did his writings compare and contrast to Antigone? Thoreau Antigone Thoreau was inspired to write this because of slavery and the Mexican American War.
Thoreau was a respected philosopher and leader of the Transcendentalist movement.
Thoreau had the right to free speech and could express his belief openly. Antigone was inspired by the unjust ruling not to bury her brother.
Antigone was a princess of Thebes and daughter to Oedipus.
Antigone was faced with death. Both believed that the people had the right to stand up peacefully against unjust rule. The End
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