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Hotel Laundry

No description

Aga Ginara

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Hotel Laundry

Hotel Laundry Anggota Kelompok 7 :
Ronel Andino 1241010264
Andreas Alden 1241010265
Geizka Permata 1241010277
Satria Q. Ginara 1241010304
Adinda Wicaksini 1241010308 Copyright D4 Hotel G 2012 ? Hotel Laundry Sebagai salah satu persyaratan hotel berbintang Sebagai tambahan income/profit hotel Memenuhi kebutuhan tamu Menunjang kelancaran operasional hotel Ruang Lingkup
Laundry 1.) Linen Hotel dan Staff Uniform
2.) In House Guest Laundry
3.) Outside Laundry Hubungan Laundry Dept. dengan Dept. lain... Terminologi Hotel Laundry Proses Pencucian Alat Pengetesan Air Lain-lain Wash by Hand Soaking Drain Main Extract Rinse Pre-wash Titration Kit PH Tester / Indikator Definisi PH Kesadahan Air Hard Water Soft Water VVIP Service VIP Service Express Service Same Day Service One Day Service Dark Color Formula Light Color Formula Colorless Odorless Tropical Bleach Dry Bleach Kelompok 7 Laundry Terimakasih Laundry Department Office Section Laundry Section Dry Cleaning Section House Laundry Guest Laundry House Laundry Guest Laundry Struktur Organisasi Laundry Department Fungsi Bagian
Fungsi Jabatan Laundry Manager Asst. Laundry Manager Valet Supervisor Valet Laundry Supervisor Dry Cleaning Supervisor Checker
Finisher Checker
Dry Cleaner
D. C. Presser
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