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Star Wars The Clone Wars

No description

Raptor Z.

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Star Wars The Clone Wars

What Were The Clone Wars? The Clone Wars were a series of wars fought between clone troopers and robots called battle droids. Two political parties, the Republicans and the Separatists, fought against each other to declare a winning group to rule the galaxy. VS Republic Army Clone Troopers Ground Force (AT-OTs, etc.) Starfighters Jedi Separatist Army Battle Droids (foot soldiers) Droid Starfighters Battle Droids (war vehicles) (Warning! This was the most un-disturbing picture I could find! Most of the Sith are scarred and deformed.) Sith Who were the clones? Clones were genetically engineered replicates of Jango Fett, a bounty hunter. These replicates were trained to be warriors, fighters for the peace. The Illustrated Guide to Clones So What Happened to the Clones? As the Republic changed, the clones changed. Emperor Palpatine now began to rule the galaxy, and the clones had all but turned against the Jedi. It seemed like a lost battle.
The evolution from clone to stormtrooper went like this: Clone Phase I Clone Phase II Stormtrooper In the end, what happened? Eventually, as the clones got more evil, they also got more antagonistic, and that led to them being more stupid. Star Wars episodes 4, 5, and 6 feature stormtroopers in (some) humerous scenes, and in the end, the troopers were ultimately defeated in the explosion of the Death Star 2. So the moral of the story is... ...try, try, try again! Okay, so everyone's familiar with that one, but here's a slight twist. Try, try, try again; some may fall and turn against its teammates, but the ones who will persevere shall have victory (Wow, I could be a pretty good philosopher myself). A Raptor Z Production Starring...
The Clones (duh!) Thank you for listening! Unique, distinguished, and determined, clones are an amazing part of the galaxy.

As for you guys... "May the force be with you." It sort of went like this...
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