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Latin American Music and Dance

Olivia Cesarini and Ellie Reed

Olivia Cesarini

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Latin American Music and Dance

History of Latin Dances National Dance of the D.R. and Haiti

-Chained African Slaves
-Wounded Soldier

"Merengue is essentially a 'fun' dance that is easy to learn and is ideally suited to the small, crowded dance floor." Merengue Rumba Latin American
Music and Dance Translates to 'rumbear'

Influence: 16c slaves imported from Africa

Old woman and lover

"Rumba is the spirit and soul of Latin American Music and Dance" Double Step

Story Dance: bullfight

Man plays Toreo

Woman plays red cloth

Progressive Dance Paso Doble Swinging Dance

"Conquered the west in 1940 as the Jitterbug, influenced by Bebop, Rock 'n Roll, and American swingdance

Slang for 'exaggerated' or 'misleading'

Originated from African Americans who copied war dances of Native Americans Brazilian Ballroom Dance

Originated in Africa

Brought to Latin America with slaves

Introduced to America and 1983

Progressive Dance Samba Jive Latin American Music Mariachi Music


Ranchera Mexico Music is integral

Three types:

-East and Northeast

-Andes Mountains

-Central Valley

Distinctive instruments:
panpipes, verticle flutes, percussion, guitars Bolivia "Ecuador's music and dance reflect a mixing of cultures."

Northern coast: African descent Ecuador "Blend of Eurpean and indigenous influences."

-Symphony Orchestras Venezuela Indian Music



Rap, Soul, Alternative



"musical taste tends to vary somewhat with ethnicity Guyana "Vast traditions that extend back to European, African, and Indigenous roots."

Bossa Nova


Dates back to periods of slavery Brazil "Maracas, guitars, bongos, trumpets, and the tres (a small instrument similar to a guitar), are used to play the son, a genre of music that gave birth to the mambo."

Timba-jazz Cuba American pop most popular

"Goatskin drums, saws, and maracas provide a blend of island rhythms known as goombay music or rake n' scrape."

Carribean calypso, steel drums
Soca music
Evangelical church choirs
Merengue Bahamas Bob Marley

"Reggae is seen as an older, though still popular, form of Jamaican music, while dancehall (which incorporates elements of reggae, disco, and rap), is seen as the new Jamaican music."

Jazz, calypso, gospel Jamaica Peasants' and lower classes' traditional

"These include music performed in Vodou ceremonies, music played before Lent (called rara), and other music associated with a particular rhythm (merengue, etc)."

"Contemporary music in Haiti includes rap Kreyol (Hatian hip-hop), rasin (traditional music fused with rock, jass, or reggae), chanson francaise (traditional french songs), or Konpa (dance music)."

North American music in urban areas Haiti
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Salsa and other Latino styles

"Discos are found even in rural areas." Dominican Republic "The most popular forms of music for dancing and singing include salsa, bomba (dance music influenced by West African rhythms and traditions), pleno (folk music that deals with life's hardships), and donza puertorriquena (Puerto Rican dance music)."

Puerto Rican folk music Puerto Rico Jamaican reggae
Calypso, soca, dub
Country western
Cadance "...(lively dancing music from the French Antilles)." Saint Lucia Calypso
U.S. and British pop Grenada Latin American Dance Merengue Partner dance
Ballroom, Early American, Cuban

"Rumba Yambu is the slowest of the Rumba styles, and also the oldest, and often involves movements that feign frailty."

Guaguanco - faster, more complex, flirtatious

Columbia - fast and energetic Rumba Male is center of attention

Marching steps

Head high, chest up Paso Doble Partner dance

Simpler footwork

Various forms Jive Lively, rhythmical

Regional forms

Samba de Gafieira - partner dance, combo of Waltz and Tango

Samba Pagode - partner dance, more gentle, less acrobatic Samba CultureGrams. Accessed September 24, 2012. http://online.culturegrams.com/world/world_country_sections.php?contid=6&wmn=North_America&cid=40&cn=Cuba&sname=The_Arts&snid=15.
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1-2-3-4 beat
"For the basic step, partners are in the closed position and step from side-to-side in what is known as 'paso de la empalizada."
Ballroom Merengue
"Figure Merengue combines this basic step with other movements and individual turns by switching to the open hold, but never letting go completely." Latin American Island Music By Ellie Reed and Olivia Cesarini
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